Unless Fionn wants to shove his foot in that door (or it gets edited into Argent's post), it will be slammed before Harold can say what's in that last post. Just sayin'.

The door being slammed in his face is perfectly fine. To be expected for the poor sap.

Fionn's too smart to get his foot between a door being slammed shut and an immovable object like a doorframe.

Is Kevin the mage really that intimidating? You all can turn around and find someplace else to go if you want.

Wow. So the interwebs ate my post from days ago with Vincent's reply. Oh well, I'll just fix things now.

Stupid Question alert!:

Do the people of Pentingham understand the immense amount of logic behind having secondary (read: back) doors to their homes? I've not done the research on it specifically, but I got the impression a few years back that backdoors were a lot newer in concept than assumed.

I'm going to say no to secondary doors. You put in a door and you lose utility for part of that wall. With the number of people living in any given building large enough to consider a second door, I don't think they'd have the space to spare for one.

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