Non Sequitur

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The Most Useless Superpower

Cat vision. Like lazer vision but shooting cats from your eyes.

No, the power to see that it was obvious a thing was going to happen before it happened but only after it happened. In other words, the power of constantly kicking yourself afterwards.

How bout the power to kill a Yak from 200 yards away
With MIND BULLETS! (That's telekinesis Kyle).

Or how bout the power.... to move you?

Yes, I know, shameless Tenacious D reference

How about the power to rock it till it strikes the hour?

(+1 if you know where that reference comes from)

How about the power to write papers instantly for other people but not yourself.

Wait a minute Batman! That is a incredibly useful power.


Dammit Robin let me finish or I swear to me that I will introduce you to the bat-paddle
The power to write papers instantly for other people for their subjects from one year ago.

How about the one I displayed the other day?

The ability to report known bugs for web site forums.

How about the power to open a carton of milk from 200 miles away. The power is useless unless you are precisely 200 miles away.

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