General OOC

A couple of different approaches being discussed...keep at it, team. Some of these I didn't see coming, but originality breeds success.

Guys, I'm without internet at hoe. So my posting will be limited at work

Sorry, if neccessary please NPC me

So, has the team come to a decision? I've seen three possibilities:

1) Head to the district in question in force
2) Find an informant, go somewhat civilian
3) Try to infiltrate the Iron Feathers

2 requires 3, and 1 is stupid(ish).

Therefore, mine are 3, 2, 1.

Saphira is 3, 2, 1 too. ALso sorry I only post once every two days. School and writing is really catching up with me -.- not to mention playing Guild Wars 2 XD

Once you've all finalized your plan, I'll move on it. I don't want to squash your brainstorming...and though I could railroad this, I'm going to try not to.

Just do me a favor: Don't make this plan so complex it'll take us a month to get through it. I'd like to be starting the second chapter of this by January.

Hmm, slowed up this weekend...

For the sake of expediency, you all can do your planning in this little subterfuge plan via out of character: It'll speed things up a skosh. I'll summarize in the IC thread as need be, and if you need to roll anything, I'll remind you. Of course, if you anticipate a necessary roll or check, go ahead and do it here while you're discussing.

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