The Ghostlord's Lair

Enzo Toradi

Enzo blinks in surprise as he is mauled by the powerful hobgoblin. The young man blinks out of existence, and reappears almost immediately, extending his blade towards the goblinoid's open neck.

Fearlessly, Mellavin jumps towards the hobgoblin with the chain and stabs at it.

Day 28, 11h45 am, early rnd 1, cloudy sky

With so many people between him and the target, Jorr only knocks his arrows at ready and waits for the best opportunity to fire later. Mellavin rushes to Enzo's side and tries to stabs the other individual but his hasty move and shaky hands makes his attack useless. He catches his spear before it goes out of his hands. Enzo quickly passes from surprise to action and attacks immediately, stabbing at his opponent with his sword. Arteris moves forward too and with a very precise swing, he brings his sword right the base of Enzo's opponent neck, almost severing the hobgoblin's head.

Swinging his chain, the remaining hobgoblin catches Mellavin in the side but with a twist of his torso, the dwarven cleric evades a part of a wound that could have been a lot more severe.

Boramin moves forward so he can see what is happening. Noting the hobgoblin, he smiles and takes a moment to
sacrifice obscuring mist for SNA 1 (wolf)
summon a nature's ally in the form of a wolf behind the foe. His companions now would have the benefits of flanking.
Augmented summoned wolf HP: 17 AC 14 Bite +5 Dam 1d6+3 Able to trip with successful bite.

Drawing his mace, Daerwol moved up behind Enzo, scanning the area for other foes that might be approaching.

Mellavin circles the hobgoblin a bit to make room for the others and attacks it from the side.

Arteris who is the last to move into action, take if possible a 5' step toward the hobgoblin and without mercy attacks it.

Enzo Toradi

Enzo rolls into position opposite Mellavin, and stabs the dumbfounded hobgoblin. The attack itself lacks conviction, but it aims at a delicate spot between the humanoid's ribs.

Day 28, 11h45 am, end of fight, cloudy sky

Trying his best to spot eventual attackers, Daerwol gets closer to his rogue friend. To his deception he cannot see more than the remaining armed hobgoblin. Boramin does the same, getting closer to the fight but once near the doorway, he starts a chant, calling forth an ally from Nature.

Left alone at the mouth of the stone cat, Jorr frowns and gets closer too, taking careful step and holding his arrows knocked on his bow string. Wanting to give his friends some place to intervene, Mellavin side-steps to the west and stabs again at the hobgoblin. His spear finds its way to an unguarded place and bites deep within the monk's chest. A groan of pain leaves the hobgoblin's mouth but not very loud. Enzo proceeds forward with a roll and finally ends behind the hobgoblin. Enzo's shortsword stabs him right in the back, severing the spine and killing the hobgoblin as well.

Rapidly all of you realizes that the room is mostly in the dark, the only light available coming from the now ajar doors and the opened area of the stone lion's mouth.

"Move forward and pop the next door. I can send in the wolf first, to draw any of the attacks initially."
"What are hobgoblins doing here in a ghost lion abode?"
Boramin asks a she moves into the room and has the wolf move to the next pair of doors.

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