Red Hand Reunion

With the near him fallen to the ground, Sengir takes a quick breather.

Dawn watched the hand of righteousness snatch the ball away. This too seems normal to her and she sighs.

Panitari shacks her head and says"Dawn,now is not the time to play we need to take care of theses Rats"then she focus on the rat near Dawn and tries to attack to it's mind

Red Hand Reunion - Round 11

Dawn had no idea that wererats were so sneaky, feigning death. She's grateful this pair's crude swordmanship isn't as good as their ability to deceive. Taking advantage of the revived creature's badly aimed swing, the young woman steps away from it to focus on the lycanthrope attacking Sengir. The beast can't have much left in it and she hopes to kill it before it does the same the wounded cleric. Her bolt rips through the wererat's stomach and severs the creature's spine before killing the supernatural beast-man.

With the wererat near him fallen to the ground, Sengir takes a quick breather. He then walks over to the hallway where the torch was dropped at the start of the fight and picks the minor magical item up off the ground.

Panitari shakes her head and says, "Dawn, we need to take care of theses rats..." Then she focus on the rat near Dawn.

The wererat grabs it's head in agony as her mental assault rips it's brain apart from the inside. She then starts to move in the direction that the others had gone.

Vegan falls further into darkness as thoughts of his beloved weaken his resolve. Bel patches up the the minotaur to the best her ability and then draws her dagger, it will be less of a loss when she gets clear and drops it to start firing arrows again. With a bit of sadness in her heart, she marks Addy in her minds eye, focusing on where to target her lycanthrope step-mother.

A fierce grin crosses Slygoth's face. Now maybe he could stop being a practice target and attack properly. He launches a quick series of attack, ending by dropping to one knee and sweeping his axe out at the wererat's legs. The creature is knocked to the ground, but he is still hardly injured. Bel grins slightly seeing the blue haired warrior put the wererat on the ground after her taunts. Maybe he won't die again here after all.

Addy heals up completely and the last remaining wererat also recovers from some of the damage that Slygoth and Stigley inflicted on him. The wererat stands up again, somewhat unfazed by Slygoth putting him on the floor. He swings his sword, but Slygoth blocks the attack with his own weapon.

Addy turns to face Bel. There is a familiar look in her eyes as she sniffs the air at Bel. The savage beast that was once her step-mother lashes out at Bel with her snapping jaws. Addy bites
6 damage
deep into Bel's dagger arm. As Addy bites into her, Bel watches Stigley cut into the other wererat with his weapon. She doesn't know if she can save Addy or not.

Sengir recovers from his little rest and towards the others. "We should go see how everyone else is doing."

Slygoth Einherjer, Human, Fighter

"Welcome to the fun, guard."

Standing his ground, Slygoth returns the wererats attack...

Stat Block

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