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Ostrich Lord... SWT1 and AT1 (Aerospace Technician) will get along well, especially considering a certain Cyberwarfare Technician...

Additionally, I guess at this point I can't escape the Navy heritage, and I'll update my info and posts from plain old PO1 to AT1 and such. And from now on I'll be using AT for most of my deck gang, with a few AO's mixed in (Aerospace Ordinance, vice Aviation at this point, lol).

Good luck to those who applied - it looks like we'll be getting some interesting characters...

It seems like mine will be the only civilian in the group if he's to be accepted, what will the rest of you think about having a shrink amongst you?

Everyone, please welcome Ostrich Rage as "Tick-Tock", your friendly 'Special Weapons' Technician...and his cargo. (It makes any survivors glow nice and bright.)

Care to give any feedback on my app Prestar or why I'm not accepted?

Sorry about the long wait; I had to think on it for awhile before I figured out what specific feedback was needed.

As for hating the cyberwarfare technician...being a 'bonding' element is one of his functions. (Well, that and given the Cylons a pleasant surprise when they try to 'magic wand' Meleager to 'OFF'.)

Well NP better late than never
I think I've responded to all your questions now.

App updated and due to some changes the actor is more of an magician than an actor but that shouldn't make that much of a different I hope.

First Poll of the Players

Of the following options, which do you all like the best:
-->How should the Vice President's personal yacht Tinker Bell make contact with Meleager? (This is the ship Mr. Meas, our newest PC, is on.)

A) It suffers a catastrophic FTL Drive failure as it is closes on the Erebos Belt; the closest vessels are those assigned to the 24th Viper Training Squadron. Meleager, being the most "squared-away" vessel (and having the most spare space), is dispatched by Colonel Biers to collect the civilian ship in distress and transfer its personnel aboard until transport back to Caprica could be free up for them. (That Tinker Bell is the Vice President's personal yacht is not known outside of highly-cleared circles, for security reasons.)

B) The yacht's FTL navigation computer glitches, and Jumps it in within the Erebos Flight Range. The very surprised Nuggets flying off of the Eleos have limited luck dodging the suddenly-appearing, completely-unexpected civilian yacht. As the Eleos is suddenly busy dealing with their bent birds and casualties, Colonel Biers details Meleager to round up the now-disabled yacht and transfer its personnel aboard until they could be flown back to Caprica. (A couple Nugget-piloted Vipers didn't have the time to pull up and slammed into the yacht.)

C) The yacht's captain (retired Fleet, like almost the entire crew), given orders by the Vice President to "simply change the scenery", jumped into the incoming FTL lanes of Echidna Base, figuring that the Nuggets on training maneuvers would occupy the passengers long enough for him to chat up Colonel Biers, an old classmate of his. The Vice President, noticing the Vipers, inquires as to their location...and upon getting an answer, decides that she can bolster Adar Administration's very low approval numbers with the military by conducting an impromptu tour of the base and the 24th Training Squadron. Colonel Biers, knowing that Major Deering runs a tight ship, directs them to Meleager in order to buy enough time to hide all the classified Special Projects aboard Echidna and rapidly get the other two vessels into inspection shape.

If you do not like any of these, please put "D" and provide an alternate course of action. Polls like these are how I will be deciding major storyline branches, such as where/what Meleager goes/does after the Cylon Attack.

Personally, if I have a vote in this question , I would be fine with any option except B. This because, being involved in the death of some fellow comrads of the rest of the group, even if Jareds part is very small, is to get off on the very wrong foot early in the game.

Something that isn't really necessary as he probably will have some problem already getting accepted, being a civilian doing nothing more than taking up space and breathing valuable air.

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