I Shall Brief You Only Once. Ok, Twice.

Uh-oh, we better get crackin'...or was it "snappin'"? Here, Basil, let me help you pack our mission gear, Im a Red-belt backpack-packer, you know!
Here I go!
Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 12
- Management 04 to Pack de Bag if allowed.
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20

George will take the card when it is his turn. He will collect the gear and pack his stuff on his own, a techie's pride.

Nigel takes the card next, collects
2 Bottles of Happy Pills, an Atomic Battery, a Box of Chewing Gum, and a Weird Helmet
everything needed and neatly places it in his bag. Ten seconds later, everything spills out and in a fit of (happy) rage, stuffs it back into the bag.

Betty-R recieves the card and hits the appropriate buttons as per his orders

Carman patiently waits for her turn carefully filming everyone as they make their choices. It is her turn! Taking the card she presses all the right buttons and adds a frozen thing to her list. She felt a need to cool down, it wouldn't do to perspire on TV.

When the card reaches him, Eric-R punches in the code and grabs the equipment, quickly stuffing it in his jumpsuit.
He is not discouraged by size and makes sure to secure it from any commie traitor by enveloping it into his flavourfully moist undergarments.
"Feels good".
He enigmatically winks at his teammates and hurries in the direction of their mission location.

Dice Roll: 1d5z
d5 Results: 3
first troubleshooter, (3) Betty-R, approaches the vending machine and removes the card. As he does the vending machine says, "Good morningcycle, citizen! I hope I have everything you need!"

Betty-R then presses A1, B2, C3, and D4 and out comes a can of Bouncy Bubble Beverage, an alphaball, a petbot, and a Box of chewing gum.

Dice Roll: 1d4z
d4 Results: 3
Then, (3) Nigel-R takes the card and presses, 2 Bottles of Happy Pills, an Atomic Battery, a Box of Chewing Gum, and a Weird Helmet, D1, B3, C2, and D4. So he, of course, gets a box of explosives, a 'I saw Herman-G Fry' t-shirt, a Frozen Thing, and a Box of Chewing Gum.

Dice Roll: 1d3z
d3 Results: 2
Then, (2) Carman-R, presses C1 and gets an inflatable blast shield.

Dice Roll: 1d2z
d2 Results: 2
next, (2) is George-R who press B2, C3, and D4. He gets an alphaball, an atomic battery, a box of chewing gum.

Dice Roll: 1d1z
d1 Results: 1
Lastly, (1) is Eric-R, who presses 3 D and receives a portable scooter.

The vendingbot then pulls out a cigarette and starts smoking it. "Phew! You guys are amazing. Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

Just what I have always wanted! Carman claps her hands in glee while giving a sideway glance at the frozen treat.
This will be great in filming our victory. I can have each of us take a turn holding it and see where it looks the best for our film. Carman takes a moment to hold the camera out but focused toward her.

She speaks into the camera, This is very exciting citizens. The great computer has gifted us with the most valuable tools a citizen can ask for. She turns and pans into each of the prizes. The next stop should be picking up the traitor and excorting him to the execution. She fluffs her immaculate hair and turns the camera back on herself. This is truly one of the most reverant of days.

George tucks his shiny new atomic battery away into his tool box, takes out a stick of gum and thoughtfully begins to chew, and idly tossing his ball from one hand to the other he calmly says aloud, "Well, I think we'll miss our opportunity to discover what those commies were doing with Carman's camera, but maybe we can keep watch for more transmissions while we go get Herman-G. What says our team leader?"

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