For those of you applying, please post an application here. The template is provided below. Again, PCs are 'Recuit'-level. A picture is required before you can post IC; if your application is accepted, I will extend an invitation and inform the other players in the OOC thread. Preference will be given to well-written backgrounds; pages upon pages of background is not required, but three to four paragraphs of background will probably be the minimum for me to really understand your character, how you are going to play their 'Traits', and how I need to both integrate and challenge that character while staying relatively in 'tone' with how you wrote them. If you want to write a multi-page epic, please use appropriately labeled Spoilers ('Early Life', 'Schooling', 'First Cylon War', 'Next Twenty Years', et cetera), for the sake of all the other applicants.

Keep in mind, I will also be eliciting my current players' opinions on which applicant characters they would like to see join their PCs in game. Please, read up on the 'Background' Thread Group and the three listed fan books; those should give everyone a good idea of what they have to work with...and what they are getting into. Any questions? Please ask OOC, PM me, or post here.

Application Template

This particular character is courtesy of Selwyn. You will notice that the older PC templates have Attributes, Traits, and Skills in three tables between the picture/description and the background blurb; if you wish to use that format, you are welcome to, but it is certainly not required. All of the rank pictures are over in the 'Ranks and Images' Thread in the 'Background' Thread Group.


Lieutenant Hector "Dragon" Jansen
Raptor Pilot, Meleager

Hector is a boyishly handsome devil. Girls tend to bat their eyes at him unconciously. He still has the body of a Pyramid player and practices whenever he has the chance. Around the base, he has beaten everyone with enough talent to keep up and more than a couple of the women assigned to the base make it a point to be nearby when he is practicing.

Hector grew up on a farm outside Caprica City. He was never there, though. He was always somewhere else. Daydreaming was a way of life for him. In school, it was history and math. History was another place, like his daydreams. But math was something else entirely. The numbers jumped at him from the page. His grades were excellent in math but his language and writing were not good enough for a scholarship. His father, who hated farming, turned him to the pyramid court. His father’s praise and encouragement propelled him to excel there also, eventually winning a scholarship to the capitol university. In his freshman year, he broke the university record for points in a season, propelling the team to a championship. As a sophomore, the team lost a heartbreaker in the semi-finals after another stellar season. In his junior year, as team captain, he engineered a mid season comeback which earned him a certain amount of fame and a lot of speculation about a possible professional career. A knee injury in his senior year left him out as the team lost a quarter-final game. With his injury ending any hope of a pro career, he turned to the fleet and found an aptitude for flying. His aptitude for flying turned into love. But it was his ability with numbers that changed his life.
Assigned as a Raptor pilot on the Battlestar: Triton, he and his second were on maneuvers on the edge of Ragnar when a freak energy burst of unknown origin shorted their propulsion system. They were in a rapidly decaying orbit which would have ended with their ship disintegrating around them. Working furiously to get propulsion back on line, Hector noticed that the FTL was still on line. With only moments to spare, he calculated a jump back to the Triton where the recovery was routine. He received a commendation for saving his ship. His latest assignment is the Escortstar: Meleager. Working escort duty wasn't exactly glamorous, but it had it's perks. Little did he know, the worst thing was about to happen…..

Squadron Patches
Here are the Raptor and Viper 'patches' for those PCs qualified on Flight Status. You could, theoretically, have both; Flight Status requires a d8 in the relevant 'Pilot' Specialty--either 'Viper' or 'Raptor'--before you are qualified. (That being said, if you can give me a good enough backstory as to how you 'passed' Flight School with lesser skills, I will grant that you made it and are on Flight Status. Being cleared to fly a shuttle only requires a 'Flight' Skill of d4.)

Jared Meas

Caprica born psychiatrist, smart, good looking and painfully aware of it.

Agi d6
Str d4
Vit d6
Ale d10
Int d12
Wil d4

LP 10
Init d6 + d10

Allure d6 (+d6 when your beauty may help)
Sixt Sense d6 (Alertness(d10) + Intuition(d8) (diff11) roll before danger)
Advanced Education d4 (+d4 Knowledge and similar skills)
So say we all d4 (+d4 Persuasion/Leadership)

Combat Paralysis d4 (When combat begins, can't take any actions for d4 turns)
Glory Hound d4 (Never miss a chance to be in the spotlight)
Lustful d4 (Beautiful women)
Memorable d4 (+d4 diff to avoid being identified)
Overconfident d4 (1/session, Whenever you over your head, ad d4 to the diff on an action.)

Athletics d2
Guns d2
Influence d6
-Seduction d10 (+d6 Allure)
-Persuasion d8 (+d4 SsWa)
Knowledge d6 (+d4 AE)
Medical Expertise d6 (+d4 AE)
-Psychiatry d12 (+d4 AE)
-Neurology d10 (+d4 AE)
Perception d6
-Empathy d10
-Intuition d8
Performance d6
Scientific Expertise d4 (+d4 AE)
Unarmed Combat d2
-Life on Caprica-
Jared became an orphan at the age of 10 but it would be a shame to say that his adolescent life was a troublesome one,. It would be outright lie in fact as with the death of his father, his mother had previously died an maternal death, Jared life changed from that rich of ideals but very scarce in food an material wealth to an life with his uncle, a life of abundance and without the burden of moral beliefs.

The boy grew older and his life began to revolve around two things in particular. First one was to be on stage or anywhere in the midst of attention making people love you and to crave for you. The second one was to gain insight into other people’s thoughts, ideas and emotions, to get inside their mind and from there delicately sway over them without their knowledge. To achieve the first, an obvious line or work would've been as an artist. But the whole bohemian lifestyle that came with it reminded him all too much about his father and didn't appeal him at all. So instead his following years was dedicated to those of a scholar and later on in the medical field with a major in psychology.

As Jared grew of age it became apparent that he was indeed a very handsome man, perhaps the only trait pass on by his belated father, and on top of that a very bright and cunning man too, perhaps even a little too bright and easy on the eye for his own good as he could soon be seen mounting some pretty high horses. And with a leap only possible by fate Jared in short time found himself falling from one of the same very horses shattering his idyllic life on the way down. Consumed by pride and a great deal of confidence in his work about " Similarities between human psychology and neural net Artificial Intelligence behavioral tendencies" he presented a thesis declaring that even the artificial mind possessed the ability to dream and imagine and even sought solace in the existence of a higher being. He didn’t have to say more before the academy throw him out and urged him never to return to the field of science. At this point Jared was glad he didn’t included the worrisome idea of his in the thesis, the idea that the artificial minds development was so advanced and showed such a number of similarities to the human that we could perhaps consider ourselves equal sentient beings with the possibility that in the near future we are subordinated the machines.

In literally the matter of hours Jared had gone from the quite decent life of a scholar to that of poverty and idleness. Delphi was probably the worst place on the planet and in the system to for an unemployed black-listed professor not being able to rely on his academic education the number of available job was very limited and like things wasn’t enough his uncle had decided that the political situation right now was all too vulnerable and all too important for him to jeopardize by advocating for his pretentious and possible deluded nephew. Instead partly fueled by desperation and partly driven by exploring the boundaries of his knowledge he made a name of himself at the local bars as “Mercurius the magician” with mainly mind tricks at his repertoire. With his experience of acting since young ago and a vast knowledge of the human cognition he even did fairly okey, perhaps even more than okey as after only a year in the business he found himself hired onboard a private yacht as the personal entertainment for no other but the vice president her(him)self.

SWT1 Daniel "Tick-Tock" Thompson
Special Weapons Technician, Nuclear Weapons Division, Picon Nuclear Distribution Complex Flashburn

Daniel is of average build for a man, though he keeps his body well toned. His blonde hair is usually just inside regulations but his talent affords him a bit of leeway. While many think his look is one of arrogance he's actually quite a humble person, he only provides a facade due to the nature of his work.

Agi d8
Str d6
Vit d6
Ale d6
Int d10
Wil d6

LP 12
Init d8 + d6

Talented d6: Nuclear Weapons/Disable Device
Attuned to Technology d12
Mechanically Inclined d6
Photographic Memory d2
Immunities d12
Physical Push d6
Uncommon Knowledge d4

Duty d10: Military
Rival d10
Illness d4: Headaches
Memorable d6
Flashbacks d6

Artistry d6
Athletics d4
Covert d6
-Disable Device d8
Craft d6
Discipline d4
Guns d6
Heavy Weapons d6
-Demolitions d8
Mechanical Engineering d6
Perception d4
Ranged Weapons d2
Scientific Expertise d4
Technical Engineering d6
-Nuclear Weapons d10

Born in space around Picon and raised on its surface, Daniel was destined to be military. While his parents died when he was only 2, a friend of the family gained guardianship and raised him. This man was a weapons technician and, noticing Daniel's gravitation toward technological things, began to nurture that aspect. Everything was going quite well until Daniel turned 14 when he contracted a rare autoimmune blood disease that was resistant to all forms of treatments. The only chance for him to survive was drastic radiation therapy.

Over the next two years he underwent intense radiation treatment, but not in the conventional sense. His blood was cycled out of his body through a dialysis machine, it was then pumped through a chamber where it was blasted with radiation, then pumped back into his system. With no idea where they would begin the doctors started with with a small dosage and worked their way up, hoping it would halt the development of the virus, and finally it did. Dosing the blood with extreme levels of gamma rays and then treating it with radiation then filtering it through graphite before seemed to finally halt the progression of the virus in a way, with a couple unintended side effects. Much to everyone's surprise the virus' effects mutated to become resistant to other viruses and since it was bonded to the DNA in Daniel's cells, it strengthened him as well. Before they could go public with the findings the military came in, classified all data related to it, and then followed the research in an attempt create stronger immune systems for its soldiers but none of the projects came to fruition, some even costing lives, so the whole thing was put into cold storage as a failed attempt.

While he was in the hospitals, and even observing treatment in space at times, Daniel did nothing but study, well study and paint. His focus was on leading technological developments, especially in the field of radiation and radiological weapons. He found it humorous that the thing that healed him was the same thing that could end the lives of millions in the blink of an eye. Schooling in the formal sense didn't sit well with Daniel so instead he decided to join the military and through contacts known via his guardian, he was quickly initiated into the Special Weapons Technician "A" School where he excelled and went to follow on schooling dealing with all sorts of extreme weapons.

His career took off rather quickly having picked up 1st Class Petty Officer his 6th year in, of 10 years active now, when he was involved in the disarming of a Cylon War era nuclear device whose uncovering was what armed the device to begin with. Daniel, being near the site to begin with just for this reason, was dispatched. His success all but locked in his tracking for Chief Petty Officer if it wasn't for a certain Cyberwarfare Technician that made him look like a fool during a device security test in which Daniel invested all his favors in and put his name on the line for. Having his fate more or less sealed as a PO1, unless he decided to go Officer, Daniel accepted this fact and continued to work at his job. Knowing the things he knows puts him in a strategic position, he just needs to wait for the right moment to prove that the past failure was a fluke and that he should actually be in charge of a development program of his own. In the meantime he finds himself courier of weapons, ensuring physical security of said items until they reach their final destinations. Strapped into a Raptor with his partner, Sgt. Julie Mast, he is to finish this run as with all the others, uneventfully, before he takes some much needed leave.

Feedback on Dr. Jared Meas

First, thank you for applying. I do, however, have some points that need to be addressed. I apologize for the delay on the feedback; I have been thinking on it for awhile.

That works, Michael. Edit and run with it, please. And yes, the crew takes R&R on Caprica and Tauron. (They are the two closest planets.)

Could you use another Marine Junior Officer? I've had the rules on my tablet for the last few months, and would like to how they work.

Sure, another Marine works...Although I would definitely advise you to coordinate with Wolf Lord first, so that you two don't end up having characters duelling over the same "party niche" (unless you two agree to that).

I'm--if the copious and wordyposts (especially background and Meta-War) don't give it away--all about "throwing it all in". Pretty much any character concept is welcome...and this includes 'skinjobs', although if you go that route, please get with me through PT or PMs. While I am usually fairly fast on the posting, I don't actually expect anyone to maintain a better than once-every-four-days posting rate. If I am going too fast for you at any time (once your PC is up and in), please tell me. (I have a fair amount of time to kill at the moment.)

If you haven't already, please read through the background notes; that will let you see where this campaign departs from the series. Be warned, the military is heavily-influenced by the several members with military experience (primarily US), so if you aren't following slang or terms (and we fail to explain) please just ask. Any questions, also please ask.

And thank you for the interest. We're glad to have you.

I can certainly PM Wolf Lord to discuss the situation, but since he was here first and has experience (both in the game and XP wise) I have no problem deferring to him as a superior (Josh is only competitive when playing Triad. ) If he likes I could be his Second, if not then I am happy with the role of an "FNG squad leader" (or whatever a jr. 3rd LT does.)

Not planning on anything special likethat, Stryker is a bona fide human from Aerelon. And twice a week posting should be fine with me.

The slang should not be a problem. Military History/Science is a bit of a hobby, anything I can't guess at I should be able to find myself. But, if something trips me up I sure will ask.

As you might have guess I have the character already "rolled" up, even have a picture ready to go. Just need to pull together a typed out background. As soon as I get everything sorted out I will let you know.


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