One: Reassignment

Melanie continues drinking her juice without saying anything. All of this planning is more than she bargained for, and she prefers listening instead of making any out-of-place remarks.

Mia opens her eyes, as she had closed them as she thought. It seemed that they had a rough plan. Now they needed to polish up the details.

"If you're sure Dendara, you can be our inside member. Saph, if you're good making up stories maybe you can work in our covers. Dendara will need a very detailed one. Geoff, Mel and I can start gathering the information our contacts could have so make it not only beliveable, but also desirable for the Feathers.

Once we start, if we're going as merchants, probably of wares that they would like, or need. But nothing illegal... and in case of emergency we one of us to be a direct contact with the Lieutenant, so we have a unique chain of information"
she mused aloud sipping her drink

Dendara smirks, nodding slightly.

"The best lie is masked by the truth. Gatekeeper washout, maybe? Skilled with a blade and tongue, but not much else? I'm sure Saf and I can figure out a few more bits and pieces."

"All right." says Geoff as he polishes off his drink. Let's gather as much info as we can about the group. Dendara and Saph could be the penetrators." He giggles boyishly to himself. "As merchants we might want to dabble in things illegal to gain trust from the syndicate. If we get arrested it'll only add to our story and the lieutenant would vouch for us."

"Speaking of that," Melanie says, finally speaking up after finishing her own beverage. "Who should tell the lieutenant? Or should we all go together?"

"We're a team, it would be logical to tell him together. Actually, we should tell him here. We know this place is secure, and we don't know if his office is clear" she said

The plan set, the team headed out from the tavern and went to find Lieutenant Parnassus. They returned an hour later and filled him in on the plan, and though he begrudgingly scowled, there was a glimmer of respect in his eyes. "Well, all right, kids. I put you in charge of this mission. You want to run a sting operation, that's your call. I just hope you don't all land in more trouble than you can handle. If you find their headquarters, give me a ring...ask for me alone. I've got a crew of trusted Gatekeepers who've been dying to mop the floor with the Iron Feathers." He stood up and finished off his drink. "Good luck."

Mia saluted the Lieutenant "We will make the Gatekeepers proud" she thought with determination. Remembering that it was not lunch time yet, she turned to the group. "Well, let's get started. Would it be the rest of the day enought time to gather all info we have? We can meet back here at nightfall to check sources and covers. That way, we can start seting everything up tomorrow first hour"

"Sounds good," Saphira grinned at Mia, eyes once again twinkling merrily and mischievously. "Me and Dendara better get cracking, though coming up with a story'll be easy enough!"

"Thank you, sir!" Melanie salutes as well. Once he leaves, Melanie says, "That sounds good to me. Is there anything in particular you want me to do besides talk to my family? If not, I'll just go with whatever seems best."


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