The Day After Ragnarok- Two-Fisted Tales of Adventure!

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The Day After Ragnarok- Two-Fisted Tales of Adventure!

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Savage Worlds
Estimated Members Requested: 5

It is early August, of 1948, and it has been three years since the Migard Serpent emerged. Three years since humanity ripped a piece of the sun from the sky and set the Serpent's brain alight with atomic fire. Three long years of famine, of political turmoil, of violence, of monsters. Three years of winter.

You have arrived in Sydney, Australia: the new capital of the British Empire, situated on the coast of the last green and pleasant land. You've been summoned, from wherever you may have previously been, because of one very particular man: former Rear Admiral Henry Galveston, of the United States Navy. A career military man, the Rear Admiral crossed many paths both before and during the second World War, and not a few after the Serpentfall, when he resigned. He also, unfortunately, happens to currently be the late former Rear Admiral Henry Galveston. And while you may or may not be the sentimental type to mourn the passing of an old acquaintance, the fact that you've been invited to the reading of his Last Will and Testament surely means something...

The Game (Which We All Just Lost)Hey there! I'm Octavian_5, and I'll be running a Savage Worlds campaign set in Kenneth Hite's amazing setting, The Day After Ragnarok. The Day After Ragnarok is a delightful setting, best described as "Conan the Barbarian with Submachineguns". The Allies didn't win World War II, Ragnarok started but was stopped, and there's a 300-mile-wide serpent carcass laying across Europe and Africa, its venom tainting the world.

This game will be primarily player-driven; the majority of everything that happens will be based on the PC's decisions. If the PCs want to go support the anti-Sinarquist rebels in Mexico? Cool. Want to sneak into Soviet-occupied Berlin and hunt for Nazi gold the Soviets maybe haven't found yet? Delightful. I'm here to give you all the world to interact with. That actual interacting is your jobs.

Application InformationFirst of all, because I know it will be asked even if I type it here, I'll put this in nice, bolded letters: I WANT ALL APPLICATIONS IN THIS THREAD.

There we are. Now that that's out of the way, here's what I'm looking for in applications:
  • A link to a completed character sheet. Characters should be created as baseline, Novice-level characters.
  • A backstory of moderate length (3-4 paragraphs would be lovely). Somewhere in there, you should describe how your character knew the late Rear Admiral Galveston, and preferably what your character did to get into the Rear Admiral's will. I don't care if your characters know each other, but everyone must have known Rear Admiral Galveston. Additionally, you may feel free to use private tags to censor as much of your backstory as you like from your fellow applicants. Handy, if your character has some deep, dark secret that's sure to come up later on.
  • A written physical description of your character. Feel free to add a picture, if you like. Personally, I love pictures; they help me visualize your character better. But pictures do not replace written descriptions. Seriously. Just, like, a paragraph of text describing their mannerisms, their physical appearance, their clothes...That'd be great.
  • A description of their general personality. I understand that some people have to play the character a bit before they have a good grasp on how they think. That's okay. But knowing what their hopes and dreams and fears (especially their fears) are will help me out greatly. On that note, feel free to use private tags in this section as well, if you wish to obscure anything beyond the immediately-noticeable.
  • In private text, give me two goals your character has. As this game is player-driven, characters with strong motivations will help keep the game moving, and keep the game interesting.

That's what I'm looking for in these applications. Now, would you like to know how to improve your chances of being accepted? After all, I'm only looking for five people, and you want to make it as hard as possible for me to choose, right? If so, then read on!
  • Organization. I am a sucker for a well-organized, nice-looking application. There's a part of my brain that looks at an application that looks great and obviously took a while to code, and it says "Damn Oct, look at that application! Look at how neat it is, how organized and well-formatted! They must want to get in your game really badly, if they're putting forth that kind of effort!" I tend to listen to this part of my brain. It is the part that has all of the good ideas.
  • Submit a character that fits. Now, I'm all for going with ideas that sound awesome, and I would never dream of telling somebody that a character concept is stupid. But some concepts won't fit with this game. I'm sorry, but it's true. The Russians and the Japanese are going to be, more often than not, the villains in this campaign. Which is not to say I'm banning Russian or Japanese characters. It's just that this game will be potentially less-fun for you if you go with that. As such, I'm more likely to accept, say, a former corpsman in the Royal Navy than I am a psychic from the USSR.
  • Grammar and proper spelling is a bonus. I happen to be a Grammar Nazi. Paragraphs are my friends. They should be your friends too. As such, people who are friends with paragraphs (and proper punctuation) are more likely to be accepted than people who don't show proper spelling and grammar in their applications.
  • DID I MENTION THAT APPLICATIONS GO IN THIS THREAD? Yes. Yes I did. It might be petty, but a pet peeve of mine here on Mythweavers is people asking where to put their applications, even if I've already stated where. It makes me think you don't read. And that's no good.

There we have it. Two nice, bulleted lists of what I expect in your applications, and what you can do to improve your chances of getting in.


Player ExpectationsI'm not actually asking for much. My chief concern is posting rate. I'd like to ask that, once the game gets started, everybody post at least once a day. I know this can be problematic at times, but it's still a nice goal to shoot for.

BooksThis bears mentioning. For this game, we will be using two books: the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition and The Day After Ragnarok Setting Book. These two books are essential; you must have them in order to play. The first book, I'm less strict on. If you have, say, the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition rulebook instead? There's not that big of a difference, and you're probably fine. But you must have the Core Rules and The Day After Ragnarok in order to play.

Given how useful it is for the setting in question, I may occasionally crib things from the Weird War II sourcebook. It won't happen often, but it may be a possibility. No, you can't do that too. GM-only privilege, I'm afraid.

About MeI'm Octavian_5, but please, call me Oct. I've been roleplaying for 12 years, four of which have been spent as a member of Mythweavers. I'm moderately-experienced with Savage Worlds, and I think that any setting in which you get to punch Nazis is a good setting.

Game Description:

Know, O prince, that between the years when the Serpent fell and the oceans drank America and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Space, there was an Age undreamed of, when nations guttered low and flared brilliant across the poisoned world like dying stars - California and Texas each claiming the flag of the West, France torn asunder and facing the desert, harsh Mexico, slumbering Bazil, Argentina where the seeds of Thule lay wating, ancient lands of Persia and Arabia and Iraq between two empires, the coldly clutching Soviet Union whispering behind its Serpent Wall, Japan whose warriors wore steel and silk and khaki. But the proudest kingdom of the world was Australia, the last green and pleasant land, ringed around by its dominions and bulwarked by the sea...

"If the enemy isn't taking all of the bullets, I'm not doing it right." -Aiden

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November 30th. You have plenty of time, Rough. As for your lack of experience with Savage Worlds, I wouldn't worry too much about that. It's a breeze once you get into it, and I'm generally very newbie-friendly with systems.

Looking forward to your application!

Just a shameless little bump to get this back on the front page. Still plenty of time to apply, if you're interested!~

I'm having a terrible time debating concepts. . . . (Book is read and thanks for the recomendation man) hopefully some more people show interest because it could be awesome. . . .

What're you thinking, prof? I have a few characters in mind as well (I too just got done with the book), and I'm having an equally difficult time decided which avenue I want to take for this adventure. And given my almost obsessive love of combining character backgrounds, maybe we can come up with something together, eh?

Here are a few of my ideas so far:
*A Mexican rebelista, following in her dead father's footsteps by fighting the good fight against the fascist government
*A Philly-born merchant marine, who made a handy living running Japanese blockades during the war. Not much changed...
*A Mormon missionary caught in China during the war, who slowly turned his back on the whole 'non-violence' thing after the Japanese began raping and murdering his newly-found flock
*A son of a British lord, who spent his days sharpening his hunting skills in the jungles of India. Now those skills turn out to be pretty handy hunting things far more dangerous than tigers

Those are the most fleshed out so far, but there are whispers of one or two others floating in my brain somewhere

I will also say that after reading this book, this game reminds me of Deadlands. A lot. And that is a very good thing.

Busy-ish week coming up with the Hols and everything. Might not get a solid pitch in until after Turkey day so I'm glad you're going to the end of the month.

Currently contemplating a Jules Verne era 'adventure scientist' or maybe more of a Burroughs inspired one but you get the idea.

All of the concepts you guys have outlined are excellent. Which explains the difficulty you're having selecting one. :I

And no worries, Rough. I figured people would probably be busy for a while, what with Thanksgiving and the like. No rush!~

Well I've got a few ideas as well. . .

An ex Gurhka riflemen( British service not Indian. . . I'll have to double check when the split was though) who has struck out on his own. He now strives to bring Kali's justice to the serpents. He works either as a merc or an agent of the crown after discovering his amazing abilities harnessed through meditation. . . . ( think adept from shadowrun . . . He's be a psionic. . )
A Viking by way of New England. . . A marine who returned home to a poisoned deadland. . . .and now ply's the seas trying to wrap his head around things and doing what he can to find those responsible ( that still live) and bring them to justice. . .
An Eastern European noblemen who's life was destroyed by the serpent fall. . . His lands gone. . . He's the last son of his house . . . His families money mostly in foreign accounts however has survived with him. . . He now searches the globe for esoteric knowledge. He's a bit of a fop and dandy but is good with people and has picked up some very "unusual" skills in his travels. . . ( magician type dude/face)
Okay last guy a South African operative for the Rhodes University . . . James Bond type but more two fisted action . . . He's a field operative with ties to both the institute and the crown(Eye patchy Mc'spy dude also known as Swordsmen Mc'Jetpack). . . (Could be refined into a more straight forward fencer spy type)
The only original concept I dropped was the mobbed up merc. . . All f these ideas have pics associated with them in my post with the spoiler tag. . .

I just need to make up my mind before developing any of them further. . . . ( though inevitably I will)

So Daud, I like (all of your concepts but specifically) your merchant marine or your British lord. . . Any thoughts which way I should lean. . . ?

Well Squiddie, I personally find your nobleman/magician concept to be interesting, to say the least. Not sure if that helps you narrow it down, but it definitely falls under the "submit a character that fits" bit.

Hey works for me man, an opinion from the gm is quite the strong aid in decision making sir.

The only one I decided against over the course of yesterday was the marine Viking new englander type. . .so the aid is both welcome and greatly appreciated.


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