OOC for Her Dark Majesty

What's the policy on players taking the Leadership feat? Would cohorts be player-controlled, NPCs, or something in between?

If you wish to take it it would be something in between, probably more geared towards player controlled (as I intend to have so Npcs with the party anyway don't really want to have to control any more).

Oh wow, we can use Leadership? That's great! I love cohorts, and that means this girl can, if story permits, find the person she's looking for.

Not sure if Silas would actually take the Leadership feat, now that I think about it. Of course, things could happen over the course of a campaign that might make it seem more attractive, but as it stands he'll probably be going solo.

Shaz doesn't need the Leadership to attract followers - just follow the path of destruction muahahahaa.

Sorry! She'll be done tonight. I wanted to finish her sooner but some unexpected delays came up IRL (help for Thanksgiving plans+sickness=unfortunate issues). I do have everything planned out fortunately so it's just a matter of writing it quickly.

One thing that'd help greatly, because I am not finding it: what's the standard wealth for level 3? I assume that's what we're using at least.

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