Chapter 1

Woodland Clearing
Garth, Kyle, Xaviien, Marduk and Silverthorn all awaken in a small clearing, uncertain how they ended up there. It is night and the sky is clear.

You are all lying on the ground near a camp fire, with your hands bound with rope. Nearby are 4 Orcs wearing leather armor with a black sun symbol. Your weapons and equipment are piled at the edge of the camp.

Entering the camp are 4 more orcs carrying the unconscious Tal and Anuhea.

Silverthorn looks at Marduk, well, you wanted to be ambushed, loks like you got your wish. What I don't understad is why attack the caravan with force if they could have put them all to sleep."

Kyle quickly feels the rope and knot (if behind his back) or visually studies the knot (if bound in front) throught narrowed eyes. He pretends to still be unconcious.

Kyle takes a moment and concentrates. He then
Dice Roll: 3d6
d6 Results: 2, 1, 3 (Total = 6)
checks his bonds. If successful, he keeps it like he is still tied up.

Tal and Anuhea are placed on the ground with the other captives. Their hands are also bound in front.

An arrow comes out of the darkness
Dice Roll: 3d6u15z
d6 Results: 12 (Total successes = 3)
(3) and strikes one of the orcs in the chest for
Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 1
(1) damage.

Xaviien wakes up by the campfire, not knowing how he ended up there, lying on the ground. Oh no! I must have fallen asleep during my watch! he thinks, until he comes to realise his hands are tied, and the others are also nearby.
Looking around, he sees that they have already managed to fail their mission, by being captured. Dejected, he curls up to wait for the inevitable death, or torture, and doesn't notice the arrow come flying out of the dark.

Marduk’s eye’s open wide at this sudden turn of events.

“Interesting!” he think unto himself!
Sudden thoughts of impulse to rise up against the orcs,give way to clear pragmatic thoughts debating what if our hidden ally is defeated,our uprising would be taken unkindly.

So he stay’s seated awaiting an outcome,one way or another.

Watching the Orc’s seeing how they operate under attack,in case he needs it for later.

Dice Roll: 3d6u12
d6 Results: 12 (Total successes = 1)

One of the Orcs shouts something in a language you don't understand and points in the direction the arrow came from. The 4 Orcs that carried Tal and Anuhea draw swords and head into the woods in that direction.

Garth wakes up, and begins thrashing around on the ground. He sits up, and glares, considering yelling, but realizing that it would probably do nothing. "Hello, orcs. Are you going to eat us now?" the big man asks, sullenly.

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