Post-Combat Friendships??

"Well, we obviously have someone who thrives in the shadow," Marisa says, nodding towards Coyote. Her tone suggest she feels this is a mixed blessing. "Perhaps he can scout slightly ahead, so we don't run into anything... extremely unpleasant?"

Coyote nods at Marisa, "My intent as well. Great minds ... Anyway, Which way did we decide on?"

Erron smiles at Coyote's wit, and shrugs.

"I vote the previously sealed door- which I think is what Xyrhanna was suggesting- as for me, I prefer to kill things with fire."

yes, please, this way... Even though they know we are coming, we also realize this. Hopefully we can use that knowledge. Anything anyone can think of we need to know about the ones living here?anything special they can do? Any other races? she looks to Coyote for an answer to that question.

Coyote shrugs, then turns as if dutifully fulfilling a command and surreptitiously opens the door. He stands aside to the door so he is not exposed right in the middle of the frame. With his darkvision he peeks around the door's edge and if the hall or room appears clear he will go
One with Shadow, Shadow Walk, and Stealth
Dice Roll: 1d20+12z
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 17)
into sneak mode and see what is ahead, rapidly scouting the area the group has seen before and taking a brief look at what lies beyond for scouting purposes before returning to the group.

Xyrhanna frowns again when the newest member of the group seems to ignore her questions, but remains silent and waits to see what happens, ready for a fight as he heads out.

Coyote goes a scouting...

Coyote disappears from sight as he slips through the opened door, hurrying away in a blur of shadow. Much like when the group was here last, the glow of the goblin barracks' brazier can be seen around the corner from the group. Oloben returns to his customary front-of-the-line position to keep watch for Coyote's return from scouting. A few long minutes stretch on...

Erron inclines his head at Xyrhanna's question, and when no one else speaks up, he steps in to fill the void.

"From what I've seen, these tombs are filled with goblins and gnomes- an unusual pairing, to say the least. I believe someone mentioned hobgoblins as well."

Erron looks off into the distance, waiting for Coyote to return, and his voice takes on a softer tone, halfway between lecturing and trying to remember what he's heard in lecture, "Goblins are shifty creatures- small and easy to fight one-on-one, but difficult in larger groups. From what I remember, they are lazy and prefer to attack in ambushes."

Erron pauses on this point, as if hearing some sound, but soon returns to his line of thought in a low voice. "If goblins are organized, that usually means they have a commander of some kind, a leader who they fear. Hobgoblins usually fill this void, although I've heard tale of others doing the job just as well."

"The pairing with Fey is odd- I've not heard that combination before. Gnomes and other fey," Erron pauses, knuckling his forehead to Marissa, "are skilled illusionists, and some are capable of teleportation."

Erron pauses before continuing. This next part he's not positive about, but while he didn't want to alarm the rescued individuals, he doesn't want his party to stumble on this unaware. "I'm afraid that the choice of these tombs as a base isn't accidental," Erron offers, holding up a hand to interject in his own sentence, "this is just my opinion, not anything I've observed, but tombs are a good place for a necromancer to find corpses to work with- to animate and perform dark rituals on."

Erron swallows. The notion of facing another wizard, or a warlock in his own stronghold gives the young wizard pause, "I fear that many warlocks are aligned with Fey beings, which would explain the gnomes, as well as the goblins, and that would mean we will probably face the undead as well soon."

Coyote returns and drops his attempts at stealth when he makes it to the group. He says, "Whole area we have been through has been cleaned, corpses removed. The trade goods I brought were taken also. Brazier fires were tended maybe as recently as an hour ago. I didn't go into any new areas. So up to where we've been the coast is clear!"

Xyrhanna gives thanks to Erron for his advice and knowledge. good to know. she gives a small nod of understanding to coyote before asking him directly, any one other than goblins, gnomes, or hobgoblins you've seen down here?

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