A Whole New World (Group 1, Try 2)

"I am going to tell you now Strix, if you go you will almost certainly die. I will not stop you nor can I help but I will give you an old man's wisdom. Dragons are fickle arrogant creatures, if you step on toes you will lose your body. As well if you intend on facing them with words or by bow, make peace with those you care about."

The large reptile does not know what is being said between the two, but that does not mean that he can't read body language. The first physical contact from the beast comes when he heads over and rests a large claw on one of the Strix's shoulders, "What is it that troubles you? Have we appeared at some sort of pinnacle of history or something?"

The monkey-demon stiffens at the dragon-kin's touch, but relaxes. He growls, in Dracon, "Yes. The wizard says we can't fight the dragon. He may be right. But... We can't be ruled, again, by someone that doesn't care for our well-being," he hisses, in frustration and anger. "We ran away from a place like that."

I do not understand your words friends. Vaestrin turns to face the Stryx. Nuxokog, I will tell you this. Go and fight or talk, but know that the strongest will always rule. I say we govern our village and wait to see if the dragon provokes us. I have seen enough of death. Replies the cleric in common.

" I agree with you, I do not believe we have a way to stop the dragons at the moment. For now we should go to the village and maybe with a bit of time we could find a way to stop the dragons somehow." Zegram says this with the first part directed at the person who just spoke and the rest of it to all the others in common.

" I know I just said this, but I am going to repent for Mazurek. he says in common. " I agree with you, I do not believe we have a way to stop the dragons at the moment. For now we should go to the village and maybe with a bit of time we could find a way to stop the dragons somehow. A translation for you Mazurek of what I just said." he says in the dragon tongue.

Nisha the Huntress
Current Hp: 69 of 69
Status: None

"I'm in agreement that we cannot just rush head long into a fight, first we should take stock of what resources are available. Once we have that it would be to our advantage to learn more of this dragon, perhaps scout out his lair or where ever he is based and see what avenues are open to assault, assuming it's been decided that combat is the only recourse", Nisha shoulders her bow as she speaks, "Either way maybe we should move this to another location and not be standing in the open. Is there a more suitable place to sit and talk about everyone's future here?"

Nuxokog nods. "We could go to The Busty Wench." He grimaces, somehow managing to make his twisted face look even worse. "Don't blame me, I didn't pick the name."

After translating himself for the draconic member of the group, he leads the way to the tavern. "Dredge, and Bason, and any other members of the watch that want to come, should be notified as well." On the way, he looks for a runner or two to send after them, and to send after the lost newcomers.

After a few minutes, a very large body squeezes his way into the bar, a chair awaits his very large build. A fourteen foot tall anthropomorphic Baleen whale. Leather armor adorns his extremities and a massive sword is leaning against the outside of the building, the creaking of wood is very much audible now.
The bar keep slowly peers out from the back when he hears creaking wood and lets out a sigh of relief. "I thought we were goners there, but with good ol Bason here we'll be fine." He chuckles as any rotund man should. His cheeks were rosy, his hair slightly balding, he looks like he's seen better days but a happy face is always a good sign.
Picture of InnKeeper

"So what will your gentlemen's poison be today?" He looks around at everyone again. "My apologies I almost forgot the lovely lady as well, my apologies beautiful." He winks and chuckles once more. "I see you brought more friends Nuxog, more friends I hope." He said jokingly eyeing up every new face. "Well Bason will it be the usual?" The large person gave a very fluid and gentle nod, the Innkeeper hobbled over to a barrel of water with a mug in hand. As quickly as he was there he was back with a mug of water. From behind the counter he takes out a large canister and starts to pour a white sand like substance into it. He takes out a spoon and mixes it around until it's a murky white. "There yeah go, one salt water. Don't worry this ones on me," he elbowed him and let out a thunderous laugh.

For those hiding a few minutes later after the effects of the fear wear off, a couple guards find you. "Captain Nuxog has told us to escort you gentlemen to the Busty Wench. If you could please follow it would be appreciated."
For those Hiding/ Ran Away

Kr'lunk asks if the dragon has gone and the guards, grinning at each other at how this ugly great lunk could have run away nod at him and leave.

Kr'lunk stands up cautiously, keeping his head bowed so as to not dent the roof and bends lower to step out into the sunshine, noticing that the fear has definitely gone ...

He walks up the road, smiling at those who look in his direction until he gets to the Busty Wench, "Oooohhh ... dat is da pretty lady," he says to himself, seeing the sign painted with a Busty Wench on it. He unhooks the sign and checks if it will fit in his sack, pleased that it does, he continues in through the rather large door after depositing it in his sack.

"Hey da friendly ones," he says, the rather large smile showing off his shark like teeth, "me is all better now dat da scary daddy fear is gone away. Hey, you got da new friends," he adds holding up his sack to see if the whale or the new winged creature would fit in his bag, and finding to his disappointment that they wouldn't but is overcome with joy that the pretty elf lady would before sitting opposite her at the table, "You looks like da mummy, you is very beautiful like her, except she has da beautiful black hairs like dis one," he says, holding out his greasy, possibly vermin infested long black hair, "Me is da Kr'lunk, me is da half-elf one, me is very happy to be meeting da cousin of da mummy. Me is da mostest handsome one." he says, holding out his now hair grease coated hand.

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