Issue Four: Do You Believe In Magic?

Bubbles dashes in between the villian and the actors and throws up a force bubble to protect everyone
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 48
"Lets get out of here " Bubbles sais as he throws up his bubble

Nitro steps forward to grab Ms. Watson-Parker, but she steps back and away, which only infuriates him more. Before he can reach for her again, he is hit by a stunning blast, courtesy of Blackbird, and is thrown off guard for a moment -- just long enough for Bubbles to dive between him and the actors and throw a protective
You didn't say where you were throwing the bubble, so I assume it's around the cast.
bubble around them.
Nitro, startled by the unexpected spandex activity around him, explodes with a deafening Boom.
The area he was standing within is completely blown away. The set you were all standing on is completely collapsed.
Blackbird and Bubbles each take 30 points of damage. The two heroes look at each other to make sure the other is allright. They are both standing, so that's a plus. The loud ringing in the ears is definately a minus, though.
There is a soft "pop" undetectable by both heroes who are hoping their hearing will return soon. Bubbles' force field has apparently shattered, but it did its job. None of the cast are injured. They are pretty shaken up, but no one is physically hurt.
Nitro seems to have just vanished.
Blackbird, noticing that Bubbles' force field is now down, creates a force field of his own, manifesting a smoky wall between the heroes and the cast. Not exactly certain of what just happened, Blackbird figures it is better to stay on the defensive.


The offices of the Daily Bugle.

Cap, the shirt of his uniform nearly completely shredded, stands over an unconscious body as a mass of sticky black tar frees itself from the downed form and begins to thrash around violently on the floor. Cap dives at the goupy mass, driving the edge of his shield into it. "Contain it!" he screams to Maelstrom who stands nearby, seemingly faring much better than Cap has during this conflict.

Desks and chairs are overtuned, but a wide area has been cleared in the middle of the floor where it is obvious Venom and teh two heroes have spent some time thrasing each other around.


Outside of WPIX studios.

Pulsar, Radical Warrior, and EnergyStar arrive to find several police cars, a rescue squad, and a large crowd of displacement employees huddled around outside. The murmer among the crowd is about an explosion...or maybe multiple explosions that took place're not quite sure at this point...


Somewhere else.

A number of individuals sit around a long table. At the far end, one of the assemblage stands, adressing the others.
"All is approaching readyness as I have planned. It is nearly time. In 48 hours, we move."



Rad moves quickly(7 areas/round through the scene) following the noise within the building him to guide him.

initative(to find out where his turn fits in to the melee)
Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 6

intuition to follow the noise or guess which way to turn
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 69

Rad will try to use the element of suprise and execute a charge on the hopefully unsuspecting nitro. He will then do a quick scan of the area to further assess the situation.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 97
i'll wager that 30 bonus KARMA you gave me on this roll to be safe.

Bubbles next several actions,

Stay on the defensive, Ready to bubble at any time

Trying to evacuate the cast as fast as possible

Bubbles begins to quickly usher the cast off the smouldering remnants of the set, as both he and Blackbird scan the surroundings looking for any sign of where their opponent may have disappeared to.
From out of nowhere, a large solid object
30 points of damage
strikes Blackbird across the back of the head, knocking him forward a couple steps. Spinning to look behind behind him, Blackbird sees a rather burly bald man swinging a chain; his skin is the color of cold, grey concrete.

Where the heck did this guy appear from? You are pretty sure he was not here just a moment ago.

His head was already ringing from the blast. Now it feels like Grandma's church's bells are in there! Stumbling forward, he just barely manages to bite back a swearword. Although it would probably be fairly common in the Air Force barracks...that's not the sort of thing he wants to get around.

"What in the- Alright. Bubbles, you've got the cast? I have no idea where this guy just popped out of, but this old ship can't take much more of a beating."

And he throws up another force field, this time just a sphere surrounding himself entirely, and sets himself resolutely between the concrete-looking marauder and the cast.

After herding the cast members out of there, Bubbles' follows Blackbird's lead and throws up a protective Bubble around himself. Ol' grey-and-stony takes another swing with his big ball and chain, striking and
Blackbird only takes 10 points of damage this time
shattering Blackbird's force field.
A short distance away, you see a swirling cloud of yellow mist coalesce into the solid form of Nitro. Ball-and-chain guy looks over in his direction and yells "Nitro...c'mon...let's get out of here!"
With that, Blackbird's opponent turns back to look at him with a cocky smile and then begins to lose color and disperse into the surrounding air.
Nitro, with an more meniacal smile on his face, begins to glow exactly the way he did just before he...
Uh, oh...

Those outside (Pulsar and EnergyStar) give me an
1d10 plus number of ranks your Intution is above Typical
Initiative roll. I already have Rad's. No threat yet, I just want to predetermine who goes in what order.
Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 6
Dice Roll: 1d10-1
d10 Results: 10 (Total = 9)
Ball-and-chain guy

Energystar follows Rad into the building. That explosion MUST have been Nitro. That means the entire cast could be dead!

Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 1

Today is, evidently, not to be his day.

Yet, Blackbird is rather determined that it will also not be someone else's day...or at least wipe that smirk off his face.

Incredible 40; Agility is Remarkable 30.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 92

Toss in Karma as necessary to make Nitro think he just got hit with an anvil. (And offer up a prayer that he has a glass jaw.)
Force Blast

Originally Posted by Stam View Post
...or at least wipe that smirk off his face.
...and wipe if off he does, as Blackbird fires a blast of force from his hands, striking Nitro full in the chest and knocking him back several areas where he crashes into the wall of another set and collapses to the floor, unconscious. The glow that was building up around him diminishes, eventually disappearing completely.
Outside the building, EnergyStar, Pulsar, and Radical Warrior get a quick conirmation from the police about the situation inside. Apparently some time ago, the villain Nitro took part of a soap opera cast hostage inside. Due to the size of the studio and the number of shows being recorded there, no one inside (except those directly affected) were aware of the situation for some time. 911 received a phone call from a call phone registered as belonging to a Mary Jane Watson-Parker who said nothing, but simple left the phone on and transmitting. That call was placed nearly 20 minutes ago and continued to transmit until abruptly ending just a few mintes ago. The police can confirm there was a single explosion within the facility.

Rad gets ready to charge into the fascility as the front doors burst open and out walks Bubbles, the new hero you met just the other day, and the hero known as Blackbird, who you know by reputation only. Blackbird has the unconscious form of Nitro draped over his shoulder. The area is bathed in bright, white light as spectators take photos of the heroic duo with their cameras and cell phones.

I wanted to make sure most of the PCs got to meet Blackbird before Stam's temporary departure!

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