Issue Four: Do You Believe In Magic?


Rad groans another "oh we go again" and hops off the building ledge using his glide to slow the inevitable fall to the ground and gives chase to the orb. Rad can move 7 areas/per round and may urge the image to move a little faster if he can. If he can't Rad will have to slow down to match its pace.

Pulsar takes to the air, using his onboard tracking systems to calculate the probable course of the image, while avoiding the need to fly slowly around buildings and such.

Meanwhile, he keeps an ear on the police scanner and an eye on the city, hoping to spot any more trouble before it gets too nasty.

I will post a follow up later, but I wanted to let everyone know where their current Karma and Popularity totals are:

Blackbird: 305 Karma, 22 Popularity
Bubbles: 275 Karma, 4 Popularity
Captain: 444 Karma, 64 Popularity
EnergyStar: 480 Karma, 66 Popularity
Maelstrom: 524 Karma, 4 Popularity
Pulsar: 405 Karma, 4 Popularity
Radical Warrior: 540 Karma, 30 Popularity

Feel free to update your character sheets in the Characters thread if you like.

I'm posting it here rather than in the OOC thread so I know exactly which point to start awarding Karma from for next time.

The heroes take off after the rapidly-moving blue ball, following it to Peabody Park.
The park is filled with mounds of snow: the remnants of the past few days freak snowstorms were dumped here by the snow removal crews. Since temperatures have gradually been on the rise, this is actually one of the few places where there are still deposits of the white stuff left.
The blue ball travels parallel to the ground until it comes upon an opaque, shimmering blue dome, about 10 feet across and five feet high. When the blue orb impacts the dome, both disappear revealing a sitting Doctor Stephen Strange, who looks up at you and rises to his feet.
"Thank you for coming so quickly. There isn't much time.", he tells you. "A planar rift has developed, allowing other-dimensional creatures to spill out into our reality. I can repair the damage, but it will take some time. I need to clear the area of innocent bystanders first, then I'll need you to keep the creatures at bay until I can send them back and seal the rift." With that, he begins gesturing the somatic components of a magic spell while continuing to fill you's a little like watching some warped version of interpretive dance...
"This spell will remove all animal life native to this plane from the area of the park, except for us. I will then seal off the park, so it will be just us and the nether-dimensional creatures inside the arcane safety perimeter I establish. The longer you can keep these invading forces at bay, the better the chance I have of finding the right spell to send them home and close the rift."
As he completes a set of gestures, a bright green light appears in the distance and seems to grow. As it approaches, it appears to be a bluish-green wall of force, with several humans, squirels, brids, and other small creatures pasted to the outside of it. The dome of force expands rapidly from the green light where it originated only a moment ago and you feel a slight breeze as it passes over...or is it through?
The green light near the center of the park eventually disappears, but you can no longer see out of the park. A blue-green wall seems to dominate the periphery, from horizon to zenith, in every direction you look.
"There", Strange says, pointing off in the distance towards where you saw the blue-green light originate moments ago, "is where you will find the rift."

Intuition checks and actions, please!


An old house we've seen before...

The one Rad walked by shortly after arriving in NYC...
The same one Willy Lumpkin has delivered an endless mound of unchecked mail to...
The same one Bubbles was perched on the night he ended up meeting the Avengers...


A body of a middle-aged male sits, unmoving, in a corner chair, covered with a fine layer of dust. Suddenly, his eyes open...


Maelstrom pops in to hear the strange doctor's instructions. Did he say dimensional rift?!!?

"Errr....which dimension, if you don't mind my asking sir? And by the way, do this many dimensional events occur every week? Because if so, I've been sleeping under the wrong newspapers!"

Seeing Rad run off, Maelstrom bowed his head. Answers later, but if the creatures coming through were people like him, he was going through the other way. Not that they would be. He'd blown up his world.

At a wheezy jog Maelstrom followed.

Excellent Intuition:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 18

Dice Roll: 1d10+5
d10 Results: 6 (Total = 11)

Figuring that the best way to plug a hole is to get right down in it, Pulsar moves at top speed towards the light indicated by the good Doctor.

GM's mod: Intuition is a d100. You're thinking Initiative.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 36

Bubbles will move closer as well
Dice Roll: 1d10+3
d10 Results: 6 (Total = 9)

GM's mod: Intuition is a d100. You're thinking Initiative.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 89

Bubbles is the only one so far that made the check. He doesn't tell anyone anything!

Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 40

Energystar rolls her eyes when Dr Strange says "planar rift". After he finishes his speech she says, "I had to open my big mouth and say that it WAS an easy day. Now here we are with a planar rift. May explain why we have been seeing heroes and villains long since dead."

She runs toward the rip along with the others.

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