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Probably a one of Brawl for me. Went Rogue as did foe. We both were offered and chose Hunter as secondary. Not sure why I passed up King Mukkla (6 drop 5,5 give 2 bananas) in opening hand along with Defias Bandit, Fork, and Jade Shuriken. Pretty good card for Rogue, I had good early cards, and Brawls like these usually at least a bit slower than Constructed - like Arena. Ended up winning anyways. Good early game. Hunter's Mark came for their Ysera, and really Ysera would have been too late, they had taken too much dmg.

Pack had a rare and a golden Common. I have to say - Golden Argent Protector is pretty cool looking. Glowing shield, leaves falling around him. Will keep for now. Mostly as I don't have anything reachable on my wish list. Would like a Deathwing (man that is a beast if Netherspite Historian offers in a slow enough game) but a long way from that and more likely to use Netherspites and evaluate Discover options offered, and pick it sometimes, if I go back to Dragon Priest.

Been messing with Jade Druid. It's my next closest to golden hero and like both Druid and Jade stuff for it. (For some reason I enjoy a Druid mirror more than Priest Mirror - though both are usually slow, build type games.) Have gone Mill some with it with Naturalize and Coldlight Seers at times, Mulches at times. Have moved away from Mill items (though those really beat on Dragon Priest and Hand-Reno-Lock). Actually beat a Pirate Warrior and nearly a Shaman... with some Jade and Flamewreathed, etc. Due to Second-Rate Bruisers and Acidic Swamp Oozes. I'm at Rank 10 or 9. But will just keep plugging away rather than go back to Pirate Warrior that jumped me up 5 or so Ranks. (Or let myself feel there is a 'right' way to build Jade Druid that would certainly get me higher, quicker.) I enjoyed Pirate Warrior last Season, but ready for something new to play and there is plenty of tech vs Pirate Warrior in the Meta. Which has slowed some in response. (Also - I dig the new from last Season Jade card backs, good time to Jade it up.)

Was looking at my Quest log after getting in my Paladin Quest this AM in Casual. I had literally 14 Arena wins, and 3877 Play Mode wins. (Got a win in Casual to confirm that is Casual and Ranked.) Figured - Would give Arena another Go. Looked up Tier Lists. Old List had Mage on top. New List had Warlock (which matched what I was sort of thinking). And then realized... I forgot, again, that the Heroes as well are a pick from 3 offered. Good times. Makes sense they do it that way.

Looked at List. Went with Paladin. (Which, now that it's not uber good, top of lists, Secretdin - I sort of dig. And conversely I liked playing Shaman when it was the worst Class, and now only can stand to dabble with it. Silly me.) Odd assortment offered. Tried to keep a good curve as Raistlin has mentioned. And look for card draw since wasn't offered Warlock. Fell pretty far behind a Priest (Velen's Chosen on a Kabal TalonPriest health boosted Knife Juggler is pretty stout.) But Truesilver Champ sword, a few buff minions, etc. Got the Juggler out of the way. And then Daring Reporter, an Arcane Nullifer, and even a Spiked Hogrider kept me from getting killed. Survived a Holy Nova. Cult Master was giving some draw. And didn't want to kill my Piloted Shredder once I had board supremacy - in case a Doomsayer got all annoyingly prophetic / zealous. (I likely should have have played the Piloted Shredder and risked Excavated Evil.) Was a satisfying win. Not a great deck, but decent. Even with much more playing under my belt now - I'll very, very likely follow in my pattern of two early wins and "Hey, Arena is pretty fun" followed by 3 straight losses and "never again" for a good long time.

The recent developer insight is sound like there's going to be some arena changes.. "Standard" arena for one, but other shakeups with the offering rate of neutral and common cards.. Could be interesting to see things shake up.

Sounds good. I lost out after win in first game. Thought maybe loss in 2nd game might help, but... 2 Mage and a Warlock who were clearly offered much better than I was. Double rare Mean Streets pack. At least more than 1 of something. Back to PlayMode and weekly Brawl.

Faced 3 pirate warrior in a row at rank 9 this am. Took both my jade blossoms out for 1 innervate and Harrison. Won some after. Including marathon game Vs Shaman where my mulch of flaming Faceless gave Jaraxxas. Thankfully I had an Acidic for Js weapon. Just barely lethal of him on last turn possible as he (Jaraxxas) had filled his board. Thankfully his storm guardian from white eyes didn't show, or he didn't play it and had no taunt.

P.S. this Brawl has some strong decks. I lost several w my flamewakers and company Mage. Got a win w Trogg, Totem, F Faceless Shaman and stayed out of there after.

I noticed someone run up against that. With Kun and Reno incorporated by who they were up against. Interesting.

Nearly and Successfully boldly Snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory.

I have, many times, boldly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. I wasn't quite successful this last time, but very close.

I'm jade druid, at Rank 9 vs Pirate (and some Dragon) Warrior. Things, as they often do unless I get a ton of my early game, go very poorly. (So poorly, that it likely explains some of the below. As I'm in full - Just try to survive another turn.) Mulch helps a lot vs an activated Drakonid Crusher. I'm at 2 health several turns, even after my 8 armor from Feral ... whatever is chewed thru. Have some Taunt up with a Jade Behemoth. Have destroyed a Fiery War Axe with an Acidic Swamp Ooze. Foe has slowed alot. Plays a Taunt Twilight Guardian and both Frothing Berzerkers. I use a 6,6 golem to kill Twilight. Then play to kill both Berzerkers and keep taunt and biggest minions - with the 1 for 2 dmg spell, an Acidic, and Aya (spawns an 8,8 golem). As I start attacking foe hero I sigh. AFTER killing both 4 health minions I slam foe to 2 health. Very, very much could have killed 'em. I figure I have personally, once again - managed to boldly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Kudos to them for playing out minions even when likely knew I had lethal once took out one taunt. Just one Mortal Strike or a War Axe or charge anything....

Instead - Deathwing. Ha! I shake my head and sigh. Serves me right. My turn I play Jade Behmoth for a Taunt and 9,9 golem. Again, just one immediate dmg (for 2 dmg) after 12, 12 Deathwing dispatches my taunt 3,6 and I'm done for. He plays an Azure, and a non activated (non taunt) Twilight Guardian and Concedes. I look and think - Couldn't see I had a Living Roots for 2 dmg for lethal, why Concede? Oh ya, my 9,9 since Guardian wasn't in taunt form.

Well defeat. I unabashedly pursued you. Until next time.

I also ... (I have no stones to throw at anyone who has made silly mistakes) have managed to lose to Fatigue at least twice now with Jade Druid. Either from thinking I was playing the first Jade Idol for a golem rather than shuffling 3 into deck, when it was my 2nd / last. Or having already shuffled 3 in, losing track. In general Jade Druid is so marvelous against like - Control Warrior. You shrug at Brawl so long as keep some stuff in hand. And play bigger Golems next turn(s). And should, should have nothing to fear from Fatigue. You know, so long as you can keep count. Even my little song I mutter to myself "One Jade Idol left... there's one Jade Idol left. ... 3 Jade Idols left, there's 3 Jade Idols left" - has not completely immunized me to my defeat thefting abilities.

Cheers folks.


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