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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

Originally Posted by tom_gore View Post
If only GW2 would have a bit more roleplaying tools. It has probably the least RP support I've seen in an MMO for a long time. At least it does have chat bubbles.
Try using the /me emote.

Its RP support and chat system are not very dynamic, no. But it's workable. Divinity's Reach on Tarnished Coast seems to have RPers almost all the time, and there are a fair amount in Lion's Arch (though less so since LA is always in overflow these days). I see RPers all over the world, too -- not always, but often enough to notice they're a presence.

So I've been craving some computer gaming lately, and I was considering trying out Guild Wars 2. I have a Mac though, and I'm not really sure how to get it for Mac. Can I do the PC Download of Amazon or what?

They're working on the Mac client right now. I believe it is in beta. A bit of poking should let you figure out how to get in on that.

Just can't figure out a definite answer on how it works and don't want to put down $60 to find out I have to jump through a bunch of hoops. All I see on the website is that there is a beta. How do you access the Beta? Does the game download normally to Macs or what? It seems very vague.


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