Ok, this entire site puzzles me. But the situation is this: You're a game master. One day, you open the door to your might mansion, going outside to get a breath of fresh morning air - only to find a basket with an entire adventuring party on your doorstep.

Poor little guys, abandoned by their GM (that's Game Mother in this case). Only one thing for a responsible person to do: Adopt them, and give them a grand adventure. Yes.

You are a responsible person, aren't you? Of course you are.
Game Description:
So, the story goes like this: Omar, the bard at the local inn, told us of incredible treasure hidden in the mountains nearby. He had a map.

We rolled up characters: An orc, a goblin, a human boy, and so on.

Game started. And it really seemed like the players were good, and we were all having fun - but the GM disappeared before we even left the inn.

I'm not asking you to take over the adventure. But I wonder if some competent GM might want to adopt an orphaned group? Level 3 characters all rolled up and ready - though I can't entirely swear none of the others wouldn't want to reroll.

I should propably include a link to the game. Hang on. Voila!