The Chronicles of Red and Caan - Chapter 1. A First Date Gone Wrong!

Things were not going well! The cursed mage seemed able to know before she could do anything what she intended. He must somehow be managing to read her mind without her being aware of it. The thought was vaguely embarassing given that her mentors had tried to teach her to be a powerful psion. The problem was she had been selectively uninterested in any lesson that wasn't 'fun'.

The fog was a little fresh but not really cold to her skin. She noted the resistance it offered but knew she could deal with that if needed. For now it was at least concealing the damned fairydust she was covered in. That was very annoying and she would have to figure out a way to deal with that kind of thing in future.

If there was a future! She needed to find out which of the two Caan's was real and finish him once and for all!

Manifesting Ethereal Agent
Focusing she created an invisible creature, not quite in the normal plane, whose eyes she could see through and sent it drifting upwards above the fog so as to show her what was happening. Meanwhile, she released her Heart of Water spell and suddenly found the fog no longer limiting her movements. So she stepped a little to the side, staying within the fog but no longer where Caan would expect her to be.

The problem was going to be finding a way to defeat him without him being able to stop her, despite his uncanny ability to act so fast.

As the agent floated up above the mist, Red noted that it could
An ethereal agent can see normally but also has darkvision out to 60 feet and blindsense out to 30 feet. It uses its own senses to view its surroundings.
only see one Caan Knowing how the agent worked, that unlike her it could not see invisible creatures, that immediately allowed her to identify who the real Caan was!

Standing still as stone, the Elf waited.. he was sure his spell would slow his assailant, but her not coming out still confused him,,,

Quietly intoning the magic, Caan summons a
Using summon monster 3 to summon
Fiendish Dire Rats:
Dice Roll:
d4 Results: 3 (Total = 4)
a slew of rats, reading himself to send them into the storm to ferret out his pray...


Red watched through the eyes of the Agent as Caan made the rats, then concentrated a moment and grew a pair of wings, matching her hair colour. She then rose off the ground as high as she could without leaving the fog, continuing to use her foe's spell to provide her with cover.

Red continued to ponder how to defeat Caan's rapidity. There had to be a way. Fast as he was, there was a limit as to how much even he could acomplish at the same time.

The battle went on and was not going well for Red. Most annoyingly her eyebrows had been singed off when she had rushed up behind the man and he had managed to both electrocute her and not be there by the time her blows fell on empty air. maybe it was time to escape. But how?

Then she remembered SUccy's escape clause. Sigil was a dangerous place, and Succy gave any customer who paid enough in insurance an escape button. Red didn't know how it worked but it was time to leave!

She pressed the pink heart shaped button. Nothing happened!!! "Damn it Succy!!!" The mage, a triumphant look on his face, grinned at her. She knew somehow that in less time than it took to think it he was about to appear next to her and deliver another one of those shocks. Her hairstyling was not going to survive it!

But somehow, even before he could move, a portal opened and a giant pink fluffy pegasus with a rock candy horn flew in, batted the mean mage away with one flap of a wing and grabbed Red in its all too sharp and pointy teeth!

'I'm Saved!' she thought.

Then the pink pegasus/unicorn thought right in her head. "It's basement time daughter. Cackle cackle! I'm your daddy!!'

Red woke up in her own bed in a cold sweat. It had all been a dream! This was the last time she was eating Lisa Prendle's extra hot bean and cheese curry just before bed.

Elena stirred next to her in bed, still asleep.

What an odd dream! Stranger still, she knew this Caan vaguely. He was an antique dealer wasn't he? Maybe tommorrow she would go and see him, just out of curiosity. She might even mention the silly dream if he were friendly. Well except for the pink pony part anyway.... that was just embarassing.


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