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Personal Art Thread

Thank you!

Here is another drawing.

These characters are all from the Mysterium in Walking Shadows, the nWoD game that I play in here on MW. You can read all about them on the Mage NPC thread.

From left to right it's:

Div (Thyrsus), Marley (Ghost Mage, Moros), Oitosyros (Moros), Reitia (Moros), Polydegmon (Moros), Peregrine (Mastigos), Taliesin (Acanthus), Brigid (Obrimos), and Enoch Bowen (Thyrsus). The ominous figure floating above them is Culsu, an ancient ghost mage and the order matriarch.

Hi Kaitou Kage, I am loving all of these drawings. I was wondering if you still indulged requests from time to time? I'm cooking up a villain for a game and can't find any art online that really matches him. He's a dark mage, wears black hooded robe and cloak and wears a mask of an animal skull with antlers on it...just an idea.

Hey, thank you!

I do requests occasionally, but it's a sort of "if the mood strikes me" kind of thing. So no promises, but if I whip something up, I'll be sure to let you know.

Wow you are really good.
Excuse that. It was me slamming my fists on the key board in a jealous fit of rage.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Here's a picture of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner using his power ring to cosplay one of his favorite anime characters.


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