Pala Nakoolak

Ok, about your character sheet.

Paul has 100 xp too many. Regardless of how many Drawbacks you choose to take, you cannot have a starting XP level of greater than 800. You have 900 xp worth of Class Advances and Assets, so you need to lose something from that. Since you don't have a pistol of any kind at the moment, then Pistol Weapon Training might make an easy loss.

Otherwise, I think that you're good to go. Feel free to create your character sheet thread when ready.

I edited your post so that the bold speech text is italic thought text (see this post in the OOC thread for my formatting rules, which you might have missed while you were gone).

Unless you meant to say any of those lines out loud, which I don't think you wanted to do.

Samaelryn raises a good question via PM in her most recent post, and I'm passing the answer I gave her along to you.

Originally Posted by Samaelryn
Should Paul or Amanda know anything about whatever it is that happened last week, or have they not been here that long?
You are both unlikely to have any idea what they're talking about, although it probably doesn't have anything to do with how long you've been here. Much like the series, oftentimes things just don't seem to filter down to the pilots.

Whether it's because they're trying to shelter you from something, there's not enough information for something to be credible data to pass along, they don't think it is relevant information for you to be worried about, or any of a myriad of other reasons is up to you to guess at.

Because it kind of slipped under the radar for the battle, who is your Dependent character? (that sort of thing is a bit more of a RP session drawback, which is why I'd now like to know). Is it Amanda?

Oh yes presently it's Amanda. I edited my char sheet to reflect it, but I thought I had mentioned it in-post as well. Sorry about that.

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