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Funny RP Moments

I had this dwarven paladin, this was my first paladin ever and he was fast becoming my favorite, anyway me and my party, which consisted of a half drow ranger, a werewolf halfling monk (don't askme how he got that way) and a warforged barbarian, were taking on an army of goblins and orcs and gnolls (oh my!). Thanks to a lucky streak on our part the DM was rolling really terribly when he realized that he'd run out of bad guys. He was so pissed that he said that next came a red dragon, supposedly the leader of this army. True to dwarven fashion, I charged the thing with my favorite axe, a vorpal waraxe of wounding, nicknamed "Bessy", hoping to at least get some constitution drain on it.
Natural 20
I am no longer allowed to play that character, according to my DM.

Totally epic. Take it you felled the red dragon in one hit?

Speaking of dwarves, that reminds me of the time my DM had created a rival adventuring group of NPCs, and asked both groups (Us the players and the NPCs) to defend a village from giants. I was playing a human Scout (Gods I love that class), and sadly I was the meatshield of the party. Anyway, the giants attack, and the NPC group runs out first to attack the giants, and we're in a tail-chase to catch up and earn the reward. As I'm running up, I see that the dwarf NPC is standing in just the right position in front of the nearest giant, so I charge up, step on the dwarf's head to get a boost up, and jump high enough to stab the giant in the eye. Confused the dwarf, the giant, and the DM all to heck.

Sadly, I was wielding a standard dagger, so even with max damage I only hit the giant for four damage.

Oh, the DM loved it, but he decided to apply the bonus at a later point in the campaign.

Your character stabbed something in the eye, that should have at least applied penalties to the giant's attack roll (you have no depth perception with only one eye) and maybe a CON penalty to the giant seeing as you can't exactly heal that one easily and the eyes have a lot of blood flowing through them.

At least that's how I would have done it if I was DM.

I once played with a guy who was extremely fond of comic books and made it a point of honour to bring in as many obscure references as humanly possible with his characters, who tended to be badly-disguised expys of various comic characters. This usually lasted until we politely asked him to stop it before we actually hit him, which was about ten minutes into roleplaying the introduction. Even so, he'd still drop the odd hint and shout out here and there, enjoying himself tremendously all the while and annoying the hell out of the rest of us.

We eventually forgave him all though, when at the climax of an extremely long, bloody and resource-draining confrontation against the Big Bad, in which we were all down to just a few HP and virtually nothing left on our side but hope, we saw our DM hesitate and then shrug - though we had just slain the Big Bad, his right-hand man, who we had thought defeated earlier, turned out to have escaped and come back for revenge and was even bigger and badder now that he was not constrained by his boss' Chaotic Stupid behaviour. We had the absolute devil of a time trying to beat him the first time, because of a specialised build that incorporated elements of the Monk, Cleric, Rogue, Shadowdancer and Divine freaking Oracle to make him able to counter almost any melee threat by literally predicting what attack was going to be launched.

Our comic-loving friend, having the most HP and a delighted smile that puzzled us all, immediately charged and rolled his dice...for an untrained Perform (dance) check. Baffled by this - and the natural 20 which resulted - our DM and final opponent became stunned. Then the sword came down for a called shot to the groin...

On asking how the hell he came up with the plan to DANCE at his enemy, the guy replied that he had seen the same basic thing happen in a Deadpool comic. The fact that it worked in our tabletop game pleased him no end. The fact that we then got to keep our characters alive for the next campaign pleased us even more. Since then he has been allowed to drop all the references he likes and pull all the stunts he can think of. If they are particularly appropriate, he sometimes even gets allowed to succeed.

I love it. I've got nothing to say other than that I love it.


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