OOC: The Chant

I'm fine with either. Just to give everyone a heads up, I'm starting intense therapy and limited gym time again since my surgery. Posting on Saturdays is going to be spotty, and Sundays will be non-existent. Hope this doesn't cause any issues. Rest of the days of the week, I should be able to still post minimum once a day (most likely a good deal more).

Ok, after months of me being a lazy truant I've got everything up for my Cutter. Sorry guys. I'm set to go whenever you want to start.



Hey gang,

I'm sorry I've been leaving you hanging. As most of you from the Sellwords game have seen I've been pretty slow on my posts because of work and other things. I didn't want to run the game and then have to take a few days to post in between and end up slowing things down but I should have posted something about a delay earlier, so I'm sorry about that.

Good news is that this should all be other by tomorrow. That being the case you should see a post from me this Thursday or Friday, as along as nothing explodes at work. So thanks for sitting tight, I'll get things rolling in a bit.


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