OOC: The Chant

Hahaha, you probably just forgot because of the late start we had.

Also, not sure why you guys keep using coordinates when the enemies typed and numbered.

Nice catch! What class gets that?

Also, I am now between houses. Because of that I do not have a computer outside of work hours, I'm crashing on peoples couches. This will be the case until about Sept 15. I'm also going to be going out of town for a week. I'm going to the PAX convention, so it's very unlikely I'll be reading or posting from Friday through the weekend. Other times I may get access to a computer.

Hey guys, sorry for the delay. My connection at home as been down because of some accident to my isp's network it seems. It should be fixed today though, so hopefully I'll post when I get home.

Those going, have fun at PAX!

I have to say that Alf's last attack was pure awesome. You don't see low level characters doing that much damage usually, and I don't expect to do that much for a long, long time.

And of course I crit the Minion!

For those not in the know, Dabus are common and only find in Sigil. They usual remain in the background and do all the maintenance in the city. No one knows much about them and they have always been there as long as anyone can remember. They create rebus' in the air in order to communicate, always float and all appear to be the same sex and general age. While in general those who have lived in Sigil long generally ignore the goings on of Dabus people tend to let them do as they wish and follow their direction as well when confronted by one. This would be because those who harm the Dabus risk drawing the attention of the Queen of Blades and being punished by the Lady herself. Dabus also serve as the mouth piece for the Queen of Blades, they accompany her on such rare occasions that she addresses Sigil and let her will be known through their rabus'.

Hey guys, sorry for disappearing. My computer went down and I was able to pick my new parts this morning. Running late though and won't be able to post until after work but will definitely post tonight.


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