OOC: The Chant

No worries, to be honest, I've enjoyed the relaxed posting rate of most of my games as of late.

I think that DannoE may be a bit busy too. Last time a big storm hit New York, he was out for a week.

It's just been a tough week. And then I had a race today, and now my head is KILLING me. Holy Hell, on the swim there was about 25mph of wind and maybe 2-foot swells. I couldn't even see the bouys for most of the race. YIKES! Seriously, it was kinda scary. And then the run was 86-degrees with high humidity and NO shade whatsoever. Ugh.

Anyway, I survived... but barely. If I was a D&D character, I'd be bloodied with 1 healing surge left. Still... I was 3rd out of the water, 5th or 6th coming off the bike, and then (eventually) 8th in my age group and 30th overall (out of 400 total racers; no idea the size of my AG). Clearly running is not my strong suit.

And now I hurt.

Ouch man, but it sounds like you still did pretty well.


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