Chloe O'Rourke

Chloe O'Rourke

Name: Chloe O'Rourke
Nationality: Irish (by birth), German (by upbringing)
Background/Career Path: Prodigy/AT Tactician
Age/Gender: 14/Female

Character Sheet
Weapon Skill: 24
Ballistic Skill: 27
Strength: 25
Toughness: 28
Agility: 30
Intelligence: 34
Perception: 31
Willpower: 41
Fellowship: 28
Synch Rate: 76

Fate Points: 2/2 (+1 conditional, innovative merit)

Trained Skills
Common Lore (United Nations)
Common Lore (Second Impact)
Common Lore (History)

Background Traits
A10 Sensitive, Maternal Instinct, Untrained Eye, Slow Learner

Innovative [Gain a conditional Fate point, which may never be burnt, only spent. This Fate point can only be used when attempting a creative plan of Chloe's own devising or in using a skill in an unorthodox fashion.] = 200 xp

Depressive [At the beginning of the session, make a Willpower Test. Failure indicates a level of Fatigue that may not be removed for 1d5+degrees of failure hours.] (+200 xp)
Skinny [Strength modifier is one less than usual.] (+100 xp)

Career Advances

A.T. Power (Deflective Field) = Free
A.T. Power (Neutralize) = Free

Skill Proficiency (Common Lore [Second Impact]) = Free
Skill Proficiency (Logic) = Free
Melee Weapon Training (General) = Free
Structural Upgrade Point= Free

Characteristic Increase [Simple] - Synch Ratio = 100 xp
A.T. Power (Push) = 100 xp
A.T. Power (Pull) = 100 xp
A.T. Power (A.T. Wave) = 100 xp

Skill Proficiency (Awareness) = 100 xp
Characteristic Increase [Simple] - Willpower = 250 xp
Characteristic Increase [Intermediate] - Synch Ratio = 250 xp
Structural Upgrade Point
Biological Upgrade Point
EVA Unit 06 Toughness Upgrade (Level 1)
Armor Enhancement I

Experience Points
Spent / Earned 1300/1300

Ego Barrier: 100%
Insanity Points: 0

Plug suit (2 AP - covers Body, Legs and Arms), Nerv ID, Nerv Cell-phone

Evangelion Sheet
Evangelion Unit 06 (Dark Violet/Dark Orange)

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Weapon Skill: 39
Ballistic Skill: 42
Strength: 35
Toughness: 42
Agility: 27

Prog. Knife [1d5+6 R, Pen 3, Progressive]

Pallet Gun [Basic, Range 30, RoF S/-/3, 1d10 I, Pen 0, Clip 6, Rld: 1Full, Inccurate, Unreliable]

Current Synch Ratio: 76%
ATS: 0 / 7

Distinquishing Features

Dormant Soul [The Evangelion is incredibly difficult to rouse, and will not Berserk if the Pilot's sync ratio is below 60.]
Hulking Frame [The Evangelion beneath the armor is a powerful beast. The EVA has it's strength and toughness increased by 3, but suffers a -3 to agility.]
Weapon Rack [The Evangelion has, on it's back, a mount to hold a single basic weapon. While the EVA may not emerge from a Launch point with this weapon, it may acquire a basic weapon and carry it afterwards and carry it in it's hands at no penalty]
Badly Financed [The unit was built by the lowest bidder and it's obvious. There are problems with the wiring, the construction, everything. The EVA is power-hungry, less energy-efficient than others. It's operational time when separated from a power source is decreased by 1 round.]

Wounds Chart
01-10 Head (3) 4/4
11-20 Right Arm (3) 6/6
21-30 Left arm (3) 6/6
31-70 Body (5) 11/11
71-85 Left leg (3) 6/6
86-00 Right leg (3) 6/6

Biological Upgrade Points / Spent

Structural Upgrade Points / Spent

Weapon Upgrade Points / Spent

Chloe in a few years. Or at least, that's what she hopes.

This is in my private thread, but it makes more sense to have it here:

Chloe's Gamertag: RedSkyInTheMorning

Gamer History:

Imperial 5
Most used faction: England (Queen Elizabeth)
Most recent achievement: MAD (Build enough nuclear weapons to destroy every tile of the map)
Playstyle: Defensive

Galaxy Warrior
Most Used Character: Averela, Level 90 Cyborg Technowizard
Guild: None
Most recent account activity: Completed Galatic Core Raid, had loot stolen.

Angels and Demons
Character: Hell Champion Invernus Glorianna, Fallen Angel Dark Knight
Guild: None
Most recent achievement: Knocking Down Heaven's Door (Storm Heaven in less than 20 minutes)

3D Virtual Chess
Record: 430/376/89
Rank: 6 (Intermediate)
Fastest Victory - 15 moves
Fastest Defeat - 2 moves (Fool's Mate)

Song of Sychanroth-aloth
Character: Abigail Holmes, Level 256 Gumshoe
Awards: Server First - Tolls At Midnight (Save the Midnight Express from Going to the Agony Realm)

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