OOC Thread

what can I say I like the game. Not so fond of my character but I like the game.

ERS and GD, your XP is available now, that scene is considered closed. Please note any changes to your character sheet in your private thread and note that major changes should make some sense in the context of the story

Reminder to GD and ERS:

Please remember to use the formats provided for you in your private thread when posting (just quote the original post and copy the code).

It keeps everything much more tidy and organized for all of us and the readers as well.

GD you need to mod that last post, it's mixing two scenes together that can't be mixed together due to time constraints. The old man was decidedly introduced after whatever side scene you are pursuing with Daryl. This is important cronologically as the current scene with the old man is not yet over and can't interact with the side scene in such a fashion.

Done and done, I had to change two words to make it fit. You really could have preceded with what I had.

I wasn't sure if that would have changed your response. Either way, we're moving forward.

Corra can react to the Shopkeeper if she chooses but her next scene set up needs to wait on Wynn.

posts forthcoming tonight, sorry about the lag.

Jhya is assumed to continue with the triage for the time being, Wynn may engage in more activities for the time being if he should choose.

As of right now I need to make some progress on Corra's scene before moving significantly forward in other scenes and introducing major plot elements.

Minor side quests are encouraged, feel free to write what you like for Jhya and Wynn or take on a side quest.

I'm away on vacation for a week. I hope to post a couple of times, but I may be slower than usual to respond.


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