OOC Thread

We're waiting to get Corra caught up anyway, no biggie

the man whose guts you spilled is all over the cobble stone and might as well be dead and likely will be in a second or two at most, the other two men are still advancing.

Sorry, I responded before that part was added. I missed it completely.

Hey guys~

Got room for another player here?

We do actually. I'll PM you, thanks for taking interest

Sorry to GD and Horatio, just have a massive plot development to deal with for Corra first, can't move ahead with your storylines till I figure out what is happening with some of these things first as she's still a bit behind in time.

Where is Corra intending to head to? There's a lot going on in the city right now with the recent riots and various other turmoils masked by them. Where she heads could lead to several possible paths.


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