OOC Thread

Kimly has firstly superior knowledge of the city layout and left just behind Corra, secondly Six is injured and moving somewhat slower than usual, thirdly Six is avoiding major roads and traffic patterns because he is bloody and doesn't want to attract attention, as Corra is following him, she is taking the same path. She will actually arrive shortly to the scene, just a few moments actually as Kimly was only a bit ahead.

Horatio, you'll be back online soon. I just need to determine a few things before hand

Either Corra or Jhya can interject here, but at least one person needs to add something.

first bell is 1 am, bells are on a 24 hour cycle

evening time, roughly 7-9 bells, I haven't exactly determined since the scene didn't warrant it. The scene assumes you could reasonably have enough time to eat, rest a bit and even take care of several small errands before hand. If you need something exact, feel free to suit the story requirement to your needs.

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