OOC Thread

Horatio: sorry for the bad turn of the scene for you, but you did fail your roll with someone who was already borderline hostile. Good role playing definitely helped, but it can only do so much with a failed roll to go on, sorry man

On the positive side, this does open up a plot thread I hadn't planned on

Not a problem. I find it exciting to keep getting Wynn out of these situations. One day the dice will go my way

Posting from phone. Internet is down for me till tomorrow afternoon

Originally Posted by World of L_Tiene View Post
Posting from phone. Internet is down for me till tomorrow afternoon

At the ol' ladies house posting tonight.

at school posting a response =D

this was something similar to the design I was picturing for the scholar's robe Jhya received:

I still haven't managed to actually play it for any real length of time. The woman has a copy at her house but I can't actually make time for it, bleh

Hmm... I think I made a slight typo. I was actually referring to our game (not WOW) and the long run of posts that happened while I was asleep

I thought you meant Assassin's creed 2, that's where I got that pick from, but yeah, either way I missed what you meant.

Generally I don't sleep at night, I sleep in the morning, so if someone is up late (NY time) I'm generally posting a bit back and forth.

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