Issue Eight Interlude III: The Mall

Blackbird recently conjoined twin seems to have been struck mute, although his rapid nods seem to indicate his approval for the hero's plan.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, Agent X does a flyby, smacking the same opponent he hit previously, although the youth remains up. At this point however, both Blackbird and Agent X are in the air. Their opponents, mostly on the ground, are trying to reevaluate their next moves...

The heroes are up!

Blackbird deposits both himself and his clinging passenger on the ground once again, and takes a moment to raise his force field.

"So what would people prefer - coffee, or beer?"

Excellent (20)
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 9

As Agent X and Maelstrom still deal with their opponents in the background, one of the surprised youths asks Blackbird, "You'll get us some beer?"

"If the bartender will serve it to you, I'll do the buying," he
hopefully undoing my *facepalm* moment there!

The youths, realizing they can't do much against two flying (and one teleporting) target, seem to reevaluate their response to the situation they have found themselves in. After a few awkward seconds, one of them finally speaks up.

"Uh...yeah...all right...but we get to pick the place..."

"Sounds good to me." And Blackbird goes to pick up the fellow he deposited in the planter.

The youths somewhat sheepishly gather themselves together and suggest someplace outside of the mall. They begin to head, pretty hurriedly, for a nearby exit.

Agent X, Blackbird, and Maelstrom can all give me Intuition FEATs.

Excellent (20)
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 77


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