Issue Eight Interlude III: The Mall

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 51
Intuition/ Incredible Silver Hawk continues to fly above the group.

Assuming this is simply to avoid trouble from the mall's security police - in whatever form that might actually take - Blackbird looks at the others. "Is everyone all right, then?"

Silver Hawk flies a bit closer and over the bridge and says, are you only afraid of security. I think it might be something else. You all seem way to freaked out for just mall security. I am okay with heading out of here right away as long as it does not end up with a major problem in the mall.

Blackbird raises an eyebrow. "Major problem in the mall?"

The youths nervously eye each other while listening to you as you approach the mall exit. As the group is about to exit the mall, a loud "hey!" shouted from a mall security officer behind you is enough to make the kids bolt out the doors and scatter.

When he catches up to you, he explains that one of the delivery trucks, still full of product, was just stolen from right outside the mall. Six goons (none of them matching a description that would fit in with the Flying Tigers) overpowered the delivery driver and made off with the truck...

An electronic security system nullifier was found attached to the security post in the mall, too late for them to receive any calls from driver during the attack.


That was an entirely too convenient series of events for even Blackbird's optimism.

Silver Hawk watches these guys go running out the door and scatter. That seemed rather well rehearsed I have to say. I think were just scammed we need to go after them now. Well at least one of us need to do so.

You could definitely manage to capture a few of the kids as they are running off. There is, of course, nothing to connect them to the stolen delivery truck and they honestly seem as confused about it's disappearance as you (not that they might not have actually had a plan to steal it, mind you, just that someone did so right under the noses of both the Flying Tigers and the Avengers).

The jamming device removed from the security station probably too high-tech for these punks to have come up with on their own.

So the mystery of who stole the truck remains.

The trunks contents? A delivery of products intended for the Fisk Spices outlet store...

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