Issue Eight Interlude IV: The Warehouse

Louise Mason takes Rad's call. Unfortunately she is not able to pull up any blueprints of the building, but she can give you information on the building's dimensions, so you can at least have a good idea of when you've covered the entire interior.

Where to now?

Examining the intersection ahead, she suggests, "Lets go through that door right in front of us. We don't know where we are going, so that looks as good as any direction." Benni shrugs and heads for the door, stopping outside of it look back to make sure everyone is ready before she opens it.

"Well, that's the first time I've been called 'the other psychic,'" Centennial Man quips, doing his best to avoid answering Motya's suggestion. "Makes me feel like I'm part of a Seinfeld routine, like that one when Jerry finds out that he's gonna be on a TV show with one of the Three Tenors. Not Pavoratti or Domnigo, but 'the other guy.'"

Beneath the humor and sarcasm, a profound concern churns. The young hero tries his best to keep it burried and contained with his light-hearted deflection. So far, he has kept his front up, but he is unsure how long he can hold it. After all, it was only a day ago that he was incarcerated for killing a man. While the charge of murder has been legally dropped, the guilt remains. He still feels as if he has blood on his hands for what had happened when he last pried into someone's mind.

And now Centennial Man has no idea just how long he can pretend and not tell his teammates that he fears the use of his telepathic powers.

"okay....this door will do..but might I suggest we find a large room in this warehouse house with plenty of room to move. We can bang on pots and pans and see if we wake anyone up. If Modok wants us well...make him come to an area we can defend ourselves better in. It's better than walking into a trap. This whole thing with that fat guy smells of a set-up. From what you've said...he seemed quite smug with himself. And I don't trust it. Seems way to easy to just give us what we want like this. The big guy has some kind of investment in this."

Someone said a map would help. You guys are at the top. Doors are marked, including the one you came in from the outside. The large picture window isn't, but it on the right (east) side of the guard room. The door "right in front of you" that Benni mentioned would be the one just across the hall from the guard room door.
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Originally Posted by Keyote View Post
Thanks! And that door looks as good as any other still.
"Yes i do believe we all concur on the door in front of us as a good option to start with"

Opening the door in the south wall, you find the room beyond to be completely dark. Most likely there is a light switch near the doorway, somewhere, if you choose to look for it...


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