Issue Eight Interlude IV: The Warehouse

There is.


A quick glance into the room reveals a military-style barracks with two rows of five bunks each (20 beds total), with maybe slightly less than half occupied by men who groan, cover their eyes, and quickly tell you to "turn off the lights" as they are "tryin' to sleep here!"

Benni reaches over and flicks off the lights, then she gently pulls Moyta out of the room as she closes the door.

After having closing the door quietly but firmly, "I think we can leave them sleeping." Benni shrugs as she indicates down the hallway, "Shall we go to the next room?"

"Should we jam the door shut?" Centennial Man suggests. "No sense having ten guys shooting at our backs when an alarm goes off."

"Let me see if there's anybody else behind these other rooms," Motya noted. "I shouldn't have to open doors, if I suddenly look like someone new, then we know there's a mind behind the room."

Motya quietly stalks to each door they can see and
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 28
lets her mind drift past the walls.

Originally Posted by Keyote View Post
Benni nods, "Good idea Motya."
The GM seconds that interesting use of a power!

Motya detects nothing behind doors 3 and 5. She perceives a great amount of mental activity behind door 4; significantly more than you would expect from just a single individual...could it be MODOK is in this room?

"There's something behind this door," she said cautiously but coolly, stepping back and frowning. "There is a very great deal of something behind this door. Much more than a single normal person...."

Benni looks at the others, "Could be another barracks room? Or could be what we are looking for?" She shrugs her shoulders, "I say lets find out." Benni prepares to open the door, making sure everyone here is ready before she does.

Centennial Man lets out a slight gulp, then cracks his knuckles. If MODOK stands on the other side, he has no idea how this encounter will unfold. The mere thought of such a powerful psychic worries him. What can MODOK do with his mind exactly? How many people and things can he bend with his will?

"Okay," he says hesitantly. "It's go time."

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