"And I shall coordinate. Cu, give me a call when Wormwood arrives, and then I'll contact the rest of you." Seventeen said cheerily. "I do believe this meeting is adjourned."
Rose had started dressing when the mousy girl had started talking and tisk tisked when the strange chick had asked for a mannequin.

"Well then, we'll be heading off for now." She tugged at each boot, there was research to be done! The plan was to stop home, grab a change of clothing, phone, and send a text message to her krew and see who might be free for a chat. Why didn't she have her cell phone on her? Because when you were wearing as little clothing as her and you were already hiding a gun there was no where else to put a phone! At least no where it would be easily accessible.

GeGe sent a wave of sadness through her not wanting to leave his new 'friends' "Its alright, we'll come back to play."

On her way out she reached into her bra and took out a business card with a green silhouette of a rhino dancing with the pink silhouette of a naked woman. Seventeen said he would contact 'the rest of you' but while Rose didn't know these people she knew the newest three even less. After a quick thought of who was who rose walked up to Ilkin and tucked the card into his pants waistline "Give us a call when its playtime darling." she said with a wink. Out of all of them she at least knew he had money, where he lived, and he was the first one she had seen. Not to mention GeGe got one hell out of a thrill out of being that close to him.

Rose paused only once more when walking past Rakesh and regarded him carefully. "Really, tranquilizers and a mannequin." a sly grin spread across her abnormally red lips as she reached out to pinch the mans cheek without warning. "Kinky."

With that she hoochie walked out, wiggling more of her assets then were necessary since GeGe's was in a state of euphoria due to having just touched two of his new man friends. The last thing that could be heard as she tottered off was sentence involving the word 'homo'.