Sinister DM Plotting Thread

Sure thing. However since it has come to my attention that Readers can see this conversation just like any other private thread, I will do it via private message when I get back home this afternoon. Readers who are also watching this and scratching their heads, rest assured that there is a method and a purpose to the madness.

I'm not just trolling the pilots! merelyq happens to be a fun side effect.

Because I value your opinion, as both a fellow GM and magnificent writer, I would like to ask your opinion of something. In another game I am playing in, I have run into a bit of a situation. It would appear that a my actions will directly result in either a TPK or non-TPK solution that sees the players stripped of all power. What do you think I should do?

Haha, that's a tricky one. Since I don't know too much about any of these other players, or the GM you've got, or the BSG setting (there is this one big ship that's kind of a huge deal, I suppose?), I guess I'll have to phrase my advice in really general terms. As a player, I do very often make characters with really outspoken opinions and who stand by their beliefs and so forth. With that said, I also do my level best to not throw a wrench in a game that I like

Whether this is advice that can apply to you depends on how much you like the game and the fellow players (and want to continue on with them), and moreover the kind of GM that you have I guess. Can't speak to any of that for myself so there you go. From the looks of it drachenspirit seems like he'll be fairly conciliatory if you back down with a simple character realization along the lines of "my principles are meaningless if I'm not alive to uphold them." But that depends on how flexible you are in interpretaiton of your PC's personality.

GMing style is a tricky subject.

Despite my posturing I'm a huge softy of a GM usually. I'm nice to players but take a certain pleasure in giving them nasty encounters. I think it's possible to truly challenge the players and bring out the full spectrum of emotions in a truly considerable challenge without having to, OOC-wise, turn yourself into an ogre or anything. Likewise TPK, while a feasible option in this setting, is kind of an unimaginative way to handle a botched Angel encounter considering... options available in the setting. The grand N2 nuke "encounter-fail" is a loss condition built into the system for example, but I can think of others. AE is kind of my experiment in this theory.

So I love the way you handled the GM post just now, and if it's something that interests you I wouldn't mind at all letting you finish the framing of the rest of this scenario and handling the 'news-cast' portion of this chapter until we transition back to the last few weeks before they must contend with Angel 2.

Or I can do it. No big deal really. It's just fun to see a different interpretation as to how someone else would write a chapter when you've been handling the rest of the book, sort of thing.

Sorry about not catching your message until 3 days later. I feel like I really should make it up to you. However, since I think you have a much better handle over the bridge crew, you can handle things for the OD while I finish up with the pilots.

Nah, not at all. If anything I could have just planned ahead better and had it set up well beforehand. Not a big deal either way.

Anyway, if it's definitely something you'd like to do I'll certainly move along Lothmar's section of it. Sometime soon I should hand out the XP bonuses for this section, then I'll be doing the final pre-battle 2 book-keeping as we move into the second Angel.

Right-O, I'm just waiting to see if any of the other pilots interact with the agents, then I'd move everyone down to the Geofront.


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