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About Time! Anywho, thanks this should help with alot of minor ooc issues without me having to clog up the ooc with privates. ^^ And private posts too... ~chuckle~

Okay, if I start purchasing requisitions later for more VTOL's how will this work in equivalence? I assume as I buy more VTOL I'll eventually need to purchase another carrier to house them, or somehow get a military favor/use so much finances to add on a new VTOL only airport facilities etc.

Also, I assume if I buy tanks - it wont be tanks since as you said the city just isnt designed to handle the one's needed so if I buy them they'll likely just end up being more of those small ships etc right, or bigger versions depending on how much I spend to upgrade weaponry?

Either way, im enjoying myself immensely. ^^

For Adeptus Evangelion, we're not going to play the game of Carrier load master. For your purposes it's a mobile airport: all of the VTOL's and specialist aerial units your heart could dream of may be maintained and launched from within. The only exception would be the Evangelion Carrier aircraft, which are simply too big for it and take off and land from Daedalus. So at least if you lose the carrier you can still airdrop EVAs around.

No tanks! (lol) Instead, what you'd get as an equivalency would be additional Rapier Frigates. Turrets, on the other hand, are completely fair game and are the way to go if you want dug-in ground defenses on Ark itself. The two problems that Turrets have is that the good ones are unlocked via research because they use the same weapons the Evas have access to, and then the BIG problem of Ark's size. Rather then going for a single city map Ark is going to consist of about 5 major districts (off the top of my head: Daedalus Aerodrome, Prometheus Lab and it's environs which you're about to see firsthand, the Hydroponics farm area, Central City with the seat of UN civilian government, and finally the main Downtown area and the Towers). Placing turrets to cover all of those areas will be tricky... My current thought is to perhaps allow Turrets at a discount due to the difficulties of city coverage, or make them "quantum" turrets that spawn in multiple maps somehow. Maybe they will be set up on a Rail system of some kind, as you can sort of see in Rebuild.

The UN Navy has the versatility of heavy firepower and the mobility to be relevant anywhere on the map, and even in adjoining islands if you manage to intercept the Angels before they reach Ark. But what it lacks is expendability... getting replacements for something like the Oklahoma might cost you a pretty sum in terms of "Requisition Support" points (you might have to buy the Talent something like twice for it). And replacing the Carrier would probably not even belong in the same category... I would consider the cost of that to be a Political or Military IOU.

By the time we get around to spending experience and surplus and you can consider upgrading your arsenal, I'll have some alternate vessels and aerial units for your consideration. Current thoughts include dedicated ground attack bombers, an AWACS observation plane that will get you bonuses on the Angel Detection chart against certain kinds of angels (this would likely be an unlock of some kind), and some kind of AEGIS battlecruiser (basically a dedicated Anti-Air Gunboat).

Would an N2 capable nuclear sub be out of the question - or would that basically just be the descriptor if I take the talents that allow the use of N2 weaponry? Cause you never know when you have to say 'All is lost, might as well die by my own hands and at least attempt to take 'em down.' Of course, in more eloquent words.

I also dont know anything about any secret underlying projects right? Just making sure in advance I wasnt filled in on 'the reason we built this site was actually more to protect this' kind of scenarios.

GAH! Dangit, i've been having an issue with computer beeping for certain programs - now it's starting up while im doing general/internet as well. I may have limited access since this is going to drive me insane!

Hmm, maybe i'll look into obtaining some firefly's for their marker light ability - the ability to gather extra data alone would probably make the unit invaluable - especially in a situation like this. Hmm, it'll be pretty costly xp wise though to have three of them (and I can only have up to 2 at my current level) and requisition support doesn't even say that these units are replaced if lost - so if im not careful it could be an easy waste of an investment. - -

Shame there's not a feat that could let you purchase marker lights as an upgrade for turrets - that way if they ran out of ammo - they could just change their function to spotter - data collection & relay and still be of some use in a battle.

Hmm wait. Would that be an appropriate use of an IOU for research and Development and/or Military? And if so, would the upgrade re-spawn as well since turrets get rebuilt if destroyed?

I don't know why you would possibly want 3 Markerlight VTOLs when you already have 2 mounted in the wing slots of EVAs already, in addition to another EVA that can AT Ping! Unfortunately the AT Ping can't be used for the reason you probably want to use them for: that sick +20 BS bonus to Operations Director forces' shots if you stack three of them at once. Life is tough! But remember that your VTOLs and other allied units already have a pretty fantastic BS of 60, and so aren't really suffering for bonuses considering how many shots you'll likely have from them all.

Another Markerlight would definitely be useful however.

A Markerlight turret would have to be a separate turret (not attached to other weapons systems) and would benefit from all the advantages and disadvantages of Static Turrets compared to Fleet/Carrier VTOL forces (so replaceable vs. mobile). This is part of the reason that I'm pondering some kind of formalized "system" for the turrets on Ark. I think it makes sense that you should benefit from some Turrets in multiple map areas, but not all of them. Rather there might be distinct overlapping zones (two or three might be right) of turret rail tracks that you can assign any purchased turrets to. So you'd have something like the Prometheus/Daedalus/Hydroponics turret track and then a separate one for the Towers/Ark Mid-town/etc. Something like that.

I wouldn't force you to burn an IOU for Markerlight Turrets. IOUs should be for much larger effects. However, if there is a particular type of department that you want to slant your Operations Director towards being really buddy-buddy with (ie. Nerv Research, or the UN Military, or perhaps Ark civilian government, for example) then you might like to begin by taking the Contact class advance to represent a friend or associate in one of those fields. There are plenty of subtle bonuses you could rack up with proper care and feeding of an NPC Contact.

True, but remember - 3x marker-lights not only give a big bonus (making my forces about an 80 BS on average), but they also allow my boys to 'called shot' without penalty (since they're all considered to be targeting the same spot) - so if it's visible im likely having them shoot the core with every one of their attacks. xD

As for the numbers, Perhaps work out the number to be based off an attribute bonus like certain feats do? Ex:
(Int + Fellowship) / Number of sections to the city & Geofront (5 right?); Round up. So in my situation it'd be, (5+4) 9/5 = 1.8 or 2. Meaning every time I buy turrets I can place 2 but no more then one per area of the island? If you're worried about building space etc, perhaps limit turret numbers in each section to a score equal to fellowship?

I dislike the unnecessarily complicated numbers game.

I'll think about it. In the meantime, you have more pressing concerns. FYI, talking to your pilot is a free action that can be done out of your turn. Just keep anything you say concise.


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