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...I would, but I really dont have the time... I'll try to do it when I get back, ~bows in apology before running off to the movies~

Does command lose communications/readings on unit thirteen when the angel drops into place? Just making sure for how I want to write my post now that I have time to respond.

Not that it matters much for your last attack, but remember that you have 3 Rapier-class Frigates at your disposal.

Meh, if I forgot one, I forgot one. ~chuckle~ This is the first turn they enter into proper range so i've only just started thinking about them.

Okay, I might be using the request support skill thingy - so let me know if there's any special units other then the VTOLS available, though im most likely choosing a firefly just so we have a third markerlight.

As for special events etc I'd like to see and in a time-line i'd like to see them in.

First - Meeting with the pilots to discuss various issues.
Second - Meeting with the head honcho's to discuss budget allocations etc (i'll be working as a representative for the pilots, so they'll voice their idea's to me in the previous meeting and then i'll try to balance it all practically, etc.).
Third - Synch tests after the meeting so that we're prepared in case of another situation.

Later in the week.
Get the pilots/staff together for an Oklahoma memorial, maybe put up a plaque or a monument etc to honor the lost soldiers. Probably make it a wall - so that future casualties can be added to it as we fail miserably ;_;

Late that week/early next week - setting up a training regiment, most likely training everyone in BS/WS whichever is their preferred means of attack. And depending on the results, setting it up so that the training is at least once a month - until I see drastic improvements in their teamwork.

Late next week - Set up a home visit for all the pilots to see how they're adjusting to the move and to talk to them all in private etc.

After that, I think everything else will develop at a natural pace etc.

Also, with the Auspis - If I were to purchase one for the fleet, is it possible then to raise and repair the old Oklahoma for free, or at the very least a reduced price?

Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
Also, with the Auspis - If I were to purchase one for the fleet, is it possible then to raise and repair the old Oklahoma for free, or at the very least a reduced price?
The Oklahoma's damage isn't a factor for you. That vessel survived the battle (at 1 Critical wound away from total loss, but still!). The United Nation Navy is too proud to let Nerv front the cost for a damaged vessel, so don't worry about that. The price is in losing a vessel outright, at which point it becomes difficult to convince the fleet to want to give you another one (hence the XP / Surplus costs).

One might consider spending Experience on Requisition Support for vessels as basically earning the political respect of the Navy and convincing them that the projects at Ark are too vital to be allowed to fail, whereas spending Surplus instead is like bribing them by paying upfront for various costs that the Navy would incur sending you the asset. Two different approaches to the same result.

EDIT: Ack, I gotta get up early in the morning. But I'll update with more Aerial choices for Requisition Support sometime tomorrow.

No problem and thanks. ^^

I added a new VTOL squadron to the second post of the Fleet thread. I think that's all I'll throw in for now...

Basically, the A-38 is an incremental upgrade meant to be powerful enough to justify buying it as a specialized unit to complement the starting VTOLs, which was necessary because those alone I made more powerful then even the upgraded ones in the book. The Firefly and Bumblebee VTOLs from the Adeptus Evangelion book are still useful in their own rights however, and may be used without modification.

NOTICE: I modified the rules for launching of VTOLs a bit. Now there is a nice bonus to using them in an expendable manner in the Static Defense phase to test the enemy Angel, after which they become harder to keep in the air and eventually have to retire. In that same thread, I went and rejiggered a few of the points to the stat lines of the Railgun and the Cruise Missile of the Artillery Cruiser to keep them a bit balanced (Railgun does Impact damage and has fewer rounds in it's 'clip', among a few other minor changes).


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