Kota's Personnel

Kota's Personnel

WFQ = Wanted for Questioning
MPD = Missing, Presumed Dead

GM: Feel free to make comments, I will keep this updated so you can see useful information about the team at-a-glance.

Yeah, you can assume Dane's smuggling background for the Rangers got him noticed at one point or another!

Calvo was never formally given a rank, but as a Jedi it wasn't always formal in the Clone Wars and many people (like Dane) will just assume it.

updated again, could you all please make suggestions for the entry you want to appear next to your character? This will be useful for planning and brainstorming ideas.

I'm not sure what you mean, what entry for my character?

Also, I think Dane's primary combat mode is Ranged due to Precise Shot, PBS, Far Shot, and Keen Shot being in his Feat and
Talent suite, he's not much for close combat

The entry you just commented on...
The data above in the spoiler is an IC list, so what your file would show or would your character would say if asked.

Armor preference would be None, he likes to remain light. Combat Mode (Special) would probably be Sniper or Gunslinger, though he can't take the PrC or Feat.

Here's the file card I have for Grawrbacca in my private thread:


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