Issue Eight Interlude V: Back At The Lab

"well, kind of an armor smith" he replies "I can build lots of things. from bridges to surgical tools. I'm an engineer. Well, i have a degree in engineering i'm really a physacist"

Energystar enters the lab. She is in costume and looks flushed.

"Jericho, I'm glad I found someone still at HQ. Come with me, S.H.E.I.L.D. needs our help."

"always while i'm working?" he replies, finishing a botte of scotch and lighting another cigarette. "hope they still allow smoking on the zeppelins for OSS.....oh wait a minute, they stopped using those didn't they?"

This thread then segues into the last tabletop game we had. Should we plan on another tabletop session sometime soon, or should we pick up the last game in a new online thread?

I am down for either option.


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