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Username's Superheroes

Name. PL0 x PP0.

Username's Supervillains

Name. PL0 x PP0.

Username's NPCs

Name. PL0 x PP0.

+6 pp unaccounted for (in Luck I suppose)

drkrough's Superheroes
Professor Rolf Smith, the Professor!.

drkrough's Supervillains

Dr. Lars Laukennen. PL0 x PP0.

drkrough's NPCs

Name. PL0 x PP0.

Narrow's Superheroes

The Slumberjack. PL11 x PP165.

Narrow's Supervillains

The Red Scare. PL10 x PP150.

Narrow's NPCs

Peter Kotosaris. PL8 x PP124.

Generic Thug PL2

Our Benefactor, Hanyr Panagos

Owner of the Parthenon, Creator of the Greek Gods

Role: Organizer and Mysterious Benefactor

Hanyr Panagos is a mysterious old Greek man who lives in Chicago. Or possibly New York City. Some even say Los Angeles. He looks to be around the age of 80 and walks with a pronounced limp, favoring his right leg. He wears a nice 50's era suit and derby hat covering his sparse grey hair. He smells like old people.

Hanyr is at least in the early stages of senility. His moods sometimes change dramatically in short periods of time. He rarely is vicious or mean, but often his mind seems to wander. Even his speech patterns change. He is extremely good at changing his accent in any language he speaks, and can mimic any accent or language he hears.

Hanyr claims to have served with the Allies in World War II, though he never goes into much detail. He has mentioned the Battle of the Bulge and the Eagle's Nest on several occasions. He also mentions Iwo Jima and Pearl Harbor, though, so he could just be making things up.

Powers: Telepathy- Hanyr is able to communicate over extreme distances with, apparently, anyone of his choosing. His voice sounds like Lee Marvin in their head. Teleport- Hanyr either has a lot of frequent flier miles, or he can teleport. He seems to be able to appear anywhere he needs to contact someone. Mimicry- Hanyr can change his voice with surprising range and mimics accents and voice patterns. He is fluent in any language he hears.

Timothy ‘Yardarm’ MacGillicutty

Yardarm is a short man full of tall tales.

He was born on the sea while his mother battled a sea monster, he was born in the sewers and raised by a pack of wild lizard people, he was born in a department store during a linen sale. Which of these is true, are any of them? It’s impossible to tell because for Yardarm the past is a fluid and malleable thing.

Sadly this means that none of our heroes know exactly how Yardarm came to be employed by Hanyr. He claims he won The Parthenon from Hanyr in a card game though how one beats a telepath at cards is questionable. He claims they fought together in the war. He claims he saved Hanyr’s life on seven different occasions. Sometimes he claims that all of these things happened at the same time.

He’s told so many tales over the years that it’s hard to know if even he remembers what’s true and what isn’t anymore. This makes The Parthenon his best possible home. His fantastical tales keep the rubes coming back which keeps the casino in business and The Greek Gods in utility payments.

When he’s not presenting the team with some mission or another he’s walking the floor, chatting up the guests and styling his lavish facial hair into some new and wondrous configuration.

Some have speculated whether Yardarm himself has powers, though what they would be, outside of rapidly changing facial hair is anyone’s guess. On this topic alone he has always remained silent.

The Parthenon
Riverboat Casino and secret Headquarters of the Greek Gods

in progress...

Outer DescriptionThis majestic riverboat is an item of mystery that is most often seen up and down the Mississippi River, though has appeared in waterways all over the world. Rumored to have been in the estate of the Samuel Clemens and bought by some insanely wealthy patron and turned into a mobile casino for the affluent.

The riverboat seems perfectly normal, for a riverboat upon visual inspection or even upon setting foot on deck. On board, the riverboat is in a very operable and used condition with signs of frequent use. Two huge black smoke stacks extend into the air and a great red paddle wheel are the most notable features. Flags fly, most notably the American flag among them. The wheel house has tinted windows, just enough you can't tell if there is a pilot within. In fact, most of the windows seem to block view inside, regardless of the angle or light. The upper deck has an outdoor patio complete with furniture and party lighting.

Inside Description
The main hall is a huge casino that seems bigger than the size of the boat would allow. The theme of the casino is a Mediterranean chic. Murals of coastal Greece are painted along the interior walls. The front deck has a small outdoor dance floor. The entire second floor, where the main hall isn't two stories tall, is off limits, reserved for the staff and crew of the Parthenon. Guests do not stay on the Parthenon and are expected to off-load at port.

the real inside description
Inside the Parthenon is another matter. The entire structure, while seeming to made of wood, is reinforce with Stark's tankpruf super-light prototype steel plating. The upper deck will actually support the weight of the military's new helicopter if needed.

If a hero has been introduced properly to the ship, they know to use an out of order door to enter the casino. This door has a frosted glass full length panel where you can see into the casino proper. However, the knob won't turn for those it doesn't know. A hero who has permission, may enter the door and step through to an entirely different setup.

The central chamber at the main entrance brings you to a different world. First you find a grand hall, meant to be a ballroom or grand dining chamber. However, it has been repurposed and has the feel of Greek ruins, with stone carved
After joining the GG and completing a suitably heroic mission, a statue of your hero will mysteriously be in place. If your benefactor is asked, he merely states, "I know someone who is good with stone."
statues of heroes. Stone benches and fountains adorn the room as well, some stone pedestals hold
each weapon is labelled and cannot be removed easily
ancient weapons, or even more
labelled and cannot be removed easily
exotic technical weapons. Upon closer inspection the pedestals include, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Flash, a man in a suit whose head is missing amongst other heroes of World War II known to you and some not.

At the end of the hall, a grand staircase heads up, while a smaller one leads down. Upstairs is are finely appropriated quarters as well as a communications room with a TV for each station broadcast in America, one for Russia's station and another not turned on. Several sophisticated analog scanners are here for use, as well as plenty of broadcasting equipment. Also on this level is the kitchen and a group lounge.

On the top floor is a


Cost as a Base, statted also as a yacht, only larger:
Huge change to Gargantuan
Strength 10 change to 14
Speed 5
Defense 6 change to 8
Toughness 9 change to 16 (bought below)
Cost 9 pp --- added to cost below? sure, why not

Size = (Medium in appearance) 2 (Large) 2 pp
Toughness = 15 16 pp
Features = 1 pp each
  • Dual Size
  • Communications
  • Concealed & Secret
  • Security System (detains only, does not injure)
  • Fire Prevention Systems
  • Gym
  • Infirmary
  • Laboratory
  • Living Space
  • Power System
  • Workshop
  • Sealed
  • Computer (room sized device)

Total Cost
Not that it matters...


NGP's Heroes
Mr Chan, Detective Martial Artist Teleporter PL11 PP167

NGP's Villians
TBA, Nothing to see here -- YET!!! PLxx PPxx

NGP's NPC's (say that one five times fast)
TBA, Go away, nothing to see here PLxx PPxx
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jimmythand's Superheroes

Steel Shell. PL11 x PP165.

jimmythand's Supervillains

Name. PL0 x PP0.

jimmythand's NPCs

Name. PL0 x PP0.

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