Act 2: The Black City, Scene 1: The City from Afar

Act 2: The Black City, Scene 1: The City from Afar

It has been some months since you left the cushioned harems and plentiful banquet tables of Keshan behind. Life was easy there, too easy, and eventually your wanderlust grew. Leaving the City of the Water Merchants you carried packs laden with food and treasure to sustain you in your travels, now those supplies are all but gone.

You have traveled many leagues since you last saw the gates of a civilized city and now hack your way through a dense jungle with trees and vines so thick you cannot see the sun and light makes it to the ground only occasionally. Finding a small pool of spring water bubbling out of a fissure in a massive stone hill you stop to water your mounts and fill your skins. The rocky outcropping itself is massive, reaching up further than you can see, perhaps it breaks through the canopy of the jungle? If so, maybe you can finally spot the edge of this forest from the top of the rocks?

Well now unless you all need me to look for food I believe my place should be reserved right at the top of that hill. shouldering his pack, C'mon Rune I bet you can't beat me to the top! the goliath whoops with laughter and begins making his way towards the hill.

Having blazed your path from the barren desert to the steaming jungles of the south your well traveled monk makes his way lithely up the crag. Where Greil powers up with his massive strength Orion hops gently from hold to hold, "So dense this forest is, but it may end in time. Let us see what lies ahead."

Well it is definitely better to be walking through a forest rather than through the desert. I can only thank the cosmos for taking me out of the desert, there were grains of sand in every joint of body.. thought Rune. Very well Greil, but what are to be the stakes of our little wager eh?

"Remind me why we left the harems again," Boone says as he heads out to look for food with the others. "I mean, there was one of those slaves girls, and she could do things with her..."

As Greil, Orion and Rune begin to scale the stony hill Boone mumbles something about a slave girl and begins to look around the small watering hole. The three of them ascend the hill quickly and soon lose sight of the jungle floor and of their companion the Wizard.
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After standing at the precipice for a moment with Griel and Rune, Orion makes his way down. Jumping from ledge to hold with practiced skill and tumbling to the ground at Boone's feet. He rises to his and speaks, "Good wizard, you may not be long from your companionship. We have found a city!"

Upon returning to the base of the hill Greil pipes in after Orion, I bet with out luck though Blackcoat that none of 'em will be any good looking.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

You know, you two are far too concerned with the "earthly" satisfactions of the should focus more on our bet Greil than on a woman for once.


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