Act 2: The Black City, Scene 1: The City from Afar

Having spotted the walled city in the distance Orion, Greil and Rune rush down the steep rocks, as they do the Goliath stumbles, misses a foot hold and falls a few feet landing hard. When they reach the bottom their excited description of the city are cut short as they find Boone with his sword at the throat of another man. The stranger is tall with a sword of his own at his hip and a lute on his back. The man spots you and his eyes flicker to towards you but does not move as his grin widens, "Hello."

Boone doffs his cap and wipes the sweat from his brow. "Good afternoon, friend. You look familiar to me. My name is Boone Estephus, called 'The Blackcloak' by the Imperial Court of Jakara Primus. And I'd not touch those berries if I were. But... perhaps you know of an inn in yonder city?"

Staring down at the Stranger Greil looks to Boone, I see you made a friend Blackcoat. Slowly craning his neck left and right Greil tries his best to tune his senses. We may see fit too get ourselves going soon, things have gotten noisier

"My name is Finley. I am a Bard by trade and make money playing sweet melodies with the lute on my back, though I generally make more money playing some other melodies with my sword. I wouldn't know of an inn at that city. And don't worry about the berries, I doubt I could swallow with my current throat impediment...I can barely breathe. Would you be polite enough to lower your weapon, good sir?"

As Finley speaks the noise of the jungle get louder and louder until at last a great beast leaps through the trees. A great lizard with a half a dozen heads is goes straight for your helpless mounts as they drink, three of its evil looking heads lashing out and biting massive chunks of flesh from their, now dying, bodies. While these heads are busy the other three look around intently for its next meal. Its looking at you.

"I say, Blackcoat. If that fruit was so poisonous that that poor chap died sitting in place, perhaps it would be a good idea to think about coating our weapons?"

Incomplete Statblock

Standing next to the horses Greil recoils slightly. Both from in disgust from the monster's breath but also from the savage tearing at the party's steeds. That was MY horse! Stirring his courage or perhaps just lack of foresight Greil Charges in towards the Hydra bringing up a meaty fist in hopes of hitting one of the many heads

Boone looks down at his sword when Finley asks him to put it away, and only belatedly realizes that he'd drawn it. He is, inf act, on point of sheathing it when the monster appears. "Ah... perhaps I'd just better keep this out, after all. And as to the fruit... by all means, my friend, have at it. I prefer a bit more mystery to my work, but the poison should be effective enough"

Orion follows Greil charges in at the many-headed beast. As it snaps at the burly warrior Orion leaps, gracefully flipping over the body of the hydra and through the writhing heads, like a needle through a knot, landing on the other side and turning to face the beast in battle.

Enraged at the beast's assault on his precious mount, Greil charges towards the massive monster. As he does one of the beast's heads snaps out at him and bites at his leg. However the Goliath returns the favor by landing a hammer blow. On the other side of the monster Orion nimbly leaps and dodges the writhing necks and snapping heads to appear just opposite the Warden.


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