Act 2: The Black City, Scene 1: The City from Afar

Orion weaves in amongst the heads as he moves around the beast. As one head follows him and snaps at him he reaches out and deflects it with an elbow or foot. Dizzying the beast he continues to taunt it's writhing heads to bite him, and in their delirium they lunge at him, not realizing that their own necks are there until he slips away!

Finley picks up the poison fruit and moves three spaces diagonally up to the left from his current position, then two spaces directly left from there. He then uses the fruit to poison his Songblade.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Feeling completely caught off guard, Rune finally realizes that a battle has been ensuing and he must join in, in order to aid his allies. Sorry for being distracted, but I couldn't help but continue to laugh that Greil had fallen down the rock wall where as I made it down quite easily.

The Monk assaults the great beast like a drunk picking a fight with a bar stool, but the stumbling elf is too much for even six heads of the behemoth to follow. Astonishingly, Orion lands a flurry of blows on the beast and provokes one of the heads into snapping at and drawing blood from another.

In its fury the beast lashes out at everyone nearby; heads snap at two of the unwounded horses however only one sinks its teeth into flesh. Greil and Orion both manage to evade biting jaws of their own as the remaining two heads reel and spit gobs of acid at the last horse and the nearby bard. Finley dodges the acid, but the horse is not so lucky.

As the heads of the hydra eject their virulent saliva Orion strikes from below at their throats, causing the heads to recoil in pain and shoot wildly.

Pleased by his actions Greil lets a bitter smile slip through. However the bite from the Hydra reminds him that this beast will not be frightened off easily. Looking up at the Creature You are too much of a dominant predator he says will grabbing his new hammer. The Forces of balance say you must be killed every so often to make sure that you appetite does not overindulge.

Holding his hammer outward Greil uses his connection to the Primal forces to call forth the sand from the nearby desert. It swirls around him a miniature sandstorm acting as a shield buffeting anything that gets too close.

Swinging his hammer Greil crashes into one of the heads quickly switching his feet holding his shield outward

Boone sees the hydra, and though his first reaction is panic, he quells that before anyone notices. Afterwards, he realizes that his position is actually rather advantageous He's partly concealed by the treeline, and he even has his sword already in his hand!

With his free hand, Boone draws his orb, leaving him with an implement in each. "Azarath metrion zinthos!" As Boon chants, a deathly black energy begins swirling around Boone's sword. His tone reaches a climax, and the energy leaps out, striking he behemoth and ripping into its mind. Though the companions see nothing, the creature falls as if into a pit and begins flailing in the thrall of Boone's illusory power.

"There. That ought to hold him for a minute."

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83/83 AC 26 Fort 23 Ref 23 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Well, Greil, it appears that we need to try to save those horses hmmm? Or else I might hear of mighty complaining from you for us not saving them. Keep the beast occupied and I will step in as well to take care of him too. Feeling rather emboldened by Boone's capability of knocking the enemy prone, Rune steps up to the Hydra and attempts to stab him with his Sorcerous Blade.

Orion attempts to land a blow when the beast rears one of its heads to spit but his punches glance off its scaly hide. Without a weapon in hand, Greil stays himself for a later opening. He then draws his craghammer and after calling out the huge monster and assuming a nimble fighting stance. Readied, the warden strikes at the beast, connecting with one of its half-dozen heads. Finely grabs a handful of the berries from the tree beside himself and Boone, closing with the monster, the bard crushes the berries in his gloved hand pouring the unknown poison onto his sharp blade. Drawing his Orb from its pouch chants the mystical incantation, forcing his will into the hydra, but the multiple minds are too evasive for him. Losing that battle of wills, Boone takes cover behind the poisonous tree. Finally, Rune joins the fray, drawing his dagger and closing with the beast. The sorcerer lets loose a powerful blast of energy at the hydra, searing its hide.

Orion continues to bob and weave, like a needle through the threads of the hydras necks. You would swear if he had a string trailing behind him he would have tied the beasts heads in knots by now. As he bends under a lashing maw he spins, bringing a savage kick up under the head of the beast before he rolls away.


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