Act 2: The Black City, Scene 1: The City from Afar

Landing dozens of blows like a swarm of angry insects Orion assaults the multi-headed beast.

The Hydra then turns all six of its heads to face the Goliath Warden who has provoked its ire. The heads lash out in rapid succession, one bites deep into Greil's arm and three others manage to do some damage despite the thick hide armor.

"Damnation!" Boone cries. "What does it take to hurt this beast?!"

Unsure of himself, Boone dashes back around the tree, levels his sword, and casts a simple--but inevitably effective--cantrip. A single missile flies off, straight and true into the behemoth's heart.

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Well, it appears this beast will take a bit more to yield to us. Greil, you must keep him occupied while I whittle his reserves down. Taking a step back and withdrawing his staff, Rune attempts to hit him with a little more power than he first began with.

Greil takes a second to recover from the merciless attack. The biting and the stinging from his wounds burn all throughout the Golaith's body but he is nowhere near done. Feet firmly planted he does not move, like the mountain standing against the severe thunderstorm he weathers the hits taking them relentlessly. Bringing his hammer forward he swings towards one of the heads while spraying sand from his body into the many heads, Have a taste of this! His onslaught unfinished Greil swings his hammer once again hoping to hit the now sand filled eyes of the Behemoth.

Finley charges directly at the Behemouth, readies his blade, and lets loose a massive blow with his sword as beautiful sound fills the air, rallying his allies and proving him to a be a master of his trade.

Greil swings his hammer at the Hydra at a blazing speed but fails to land the blow flush, nonetheless the glacing blow tears at the monsters scales and the spray of sand blinds its many eyes. Attempting to take advantage of the blind beast the Warden attacks again, but again his hammer fails to land solidly. Behind Greil, Finley moves in to attack the Hydra, drawing an attack from the many-headed beast. The Bard is bit by one of the Hydra's heads but it provides an opening for Greil to make another attack, which results in another glancing blow. Now right by near the Hydra, Finley draws his poisoned blade, swinging it in the air is creates a beautiful harmony as the Bard sings and attacks. The thin blade lands true and Finely's song inspires those nearby, however there appears to be no effect from the poison. Moving out from behind the tree, Boone levels his blade at the Hydra and a ghostly image of his blade flies forth and slices viciously at one of the Hydra's heads. On the other side of the beast, Rune takes a step back and releases another pulse of energy at the Hydra but its nimble heads hear the thunderous attack an manage to dodge it.

The hydra dodges Rune's thunderous blast but just as the reverberations disappear another clap of thunder sounds, like the blast was echoing among the trees. The hydra realizes too late that it is the sound of the monks fist, driving into the sternum of the beast, choking all of it's heads.

Despite the Hydra's blindness, its writhing necks prove too slippery for Orion to land a hit.

Still blind the Hydra lashes out at where it thinks Greil is. Unfortunately for the Warden, thats exactly where he is, and despite the blindness the Hydra sinks its teeth into he Goliath again and again and again.

A lady would blush at the words thrown out by the Goliath as the hydra strikes at him in a blind fury. Pausing for a second to quickly catch his breath as well as activate a rune on his armor. Staring into the many maws facing him Greil swings his hammer in a low blow billowing the sand out with him aiming for the not so many hydra legs. Maybe I'll fair better if there are less targets Striking hard at it's weak underside Greil topples the creature. Spotting the bard on the other side he quickly lets out, This warrior needs food....BADLY!!

Phase of the Stars; HP: 83/83 AC 27 Fort 23 Ref 24 Will 27 AP 1 Surges 0/9 used

Even while bleeding out of a few orifices on your body...all you can think about is food Greil? Well I definitely do not want to become living any time soon then. Stepping forward, Rune attempts to stab the hydra in his flank again to yield more of a benefit than when he last attempted to singe him from afar. Well it's good that I can still attack him with a blade, thanks to Greil making him fall down again...


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