Act 2: The Black City, Scene 1: The City from Afar

Boone fires off another magic missile while frantically wracking his brain for better options.

Finley, noticing Greil looking a little worse for wear, grows enraged at the beast and decides to use that emotion productively. Well, large fellow, this may not be food, but I hope some inspiring words will help you pull through this gauntlet. Look on the bright side, the Elf didn't shoot the food, as is want to happen! Finley then decides to have another go with the poison and rubs the fruit on his blade once more. Gathering up his rage, he lets loose 2 blows, a shockingly cold sound, and a vicious and, seemingly, almost intelligent sound fill the air, spurring his compatriots on.

Greil continues his battle with the Hydra, bringing his hammer down square on the top of one of the Hydra's heads.

Next to the Warden the Bard lends encouragement to the wounded warrior. Finley follows up with a pair of vicious strikes, the first fast and furious and the second is a bit slower and more elegant as the bard sings a haunting battle-hymn. The poison covering Finley's blade also makes it way deep into the Hydra's veins and the beast howls and thrashes around blindly.

Still keeping his distance the Wizard conjures a second ethereal blade that slices rapidly at the huge Hydra.

Stepping back in towards the screaming hydra, Rune's gauntlet glows with another energy pulse but the energy fizzles in the warforged's clenched fist.

As the giant beasts legs slip out from under it and it's heads flail Orion lashes out, his fist striking like cornered vipers as he dodges the writhing necks.

The monk pounces on the floundering Hydra as it spasms in pain on the jungle floor, only adding to the monsters pain.

Blind, prone and screaming in pain with all six mouths the Hydra lashes out blindly at random, its sharp teeth snapping down on bits of brush and dirt. The beast wounds appear to be overwhelming it and it is getting desperate, and it limply crawls a few yards back towards the jungle.

After seeing what his hands have done to the beast Orion pauses. He holds his arm out in front of Finley, blocking the man from attacking the retreating for. "Let it live." the monk implore his friends, "It is a beast of the wild and only attack invaders in it's territory. It is as predator, and was hungry. It will seek to do us no more harm, let the great beast live."

Strengthened by the Bards magic Greil gains new life in the battle. As the monster lashes out not towards him Greil takes the opportunity to swing his hammer once more.

Following behind the Behemoth Greil lets his anger go in a surging strike to the beasts rear. Breathing heavily he keeps his shield up ready in case the monster decides to keep the fight alive. Arms, legs, and Head still attached there Rune?

Eh, it's not very impressive to take a beast's head for mounting if 2 more will just pop up in it's place, so I feel no need to expend the energy following after it. Besides, only Set knows what the poison will do to the beast. Weary from the fight, Finley takes a drink from his bottle of wine. Thankfully the beast wasn't spiteful enough to rob me of my grog.

Realizing, the fight has left everyone, Rune's eyes just glint in his frustration and he stabs the ground to release his pent up fury. Yes Greil, everything is still attached, but if any of that sand surrounding you gets into my joints, I will not hesitate to punch you.


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