The City of Secrets: Part 1

With the immediate threat over, Yaga's thoughts turn immediately to home. He retrieves his bundle of supplies before speaking to his odd new companions. "Gentlemen," he says, inclining his head, "Yaga Dayreth at your service. And while it's been a pleasure, but if you'll excuse me, I've other places to be. But by all means, feel free to call upon me in the future, especially if you need building supplies or some stone work."

Chrys turns to swing at the fleeing man, his pick just missing the basher's coat as it cleaves the air. Yaga then draws a dagger and throws but luck seems to be on the stag's side as the blade barely misses the back of his head, clanking agianst as stone wall before returning to the bladeling.

The sound of fleeing feet fades into the fog, leaving group with a messy quiet street. Either the buildings around here are abandoned or folks are to peery or smart to stick their nose out and get noticed. Alfgar finds that no matter how much he rubs or scratches he can't get the splashes of strange symbols off of him or his clothes and indeed the other members of the surviving group will find the same for them. Even Chrys', who can break himself into pieces will find that no matter how he rearanges the pieces of his body, the strange swirling symbols remain on the surface.

Rahgon seems not to have noticed yet as he goes back down the street to his fallen friend. Grabbing the dead goblin's hand he shakes with anger and mutters "Damn it... we were just about to make it too..."

Yaga is first to gather up his things quickly, the bladeling knowing to get while the getting's good. After a seemingly cheerful he turns to leave just before a startled cry echos down the streets. All sound seems to hush and the pressure of the streets silence grows. The silhouette of a giant skinny figure takes shape in the fog, its form slowly drawing closer with calm measure. Its hair draws you attention, a puff of long white fluffy drawn up into the air like a candle's flame. It doesn't take half a brain for anyone who's not out of touch to realize its a Dabus, the figure floating a good foot off the ground, its blank white bearded face looking down the street at you lot as it stops when you first come into sight.

"Pick it, this don't look too good..." Rahgon suddenly speaks, looking down the opposite end of the street as two more Dabus come up the road, stopping to stare at you with stern faces, their well worn but well maintained robes cinched up by heavy belts caring various crafting tools. "What do we do boss?" the goblin asks, looking to Alfgar as from the third street and final exit another pair of the Cage's maintainers emerge.

Alfgar looks around the intersection as the Dabus block off the north and west exits, cursing his luck. Run is what we do, Rahgon. Get into the Maze and get lost. Come on!

The short human starts off towards the nearest side alley, trying to get out of sight of the Dabus converging on the group's position.

Though not generally inclined to follow the lead of others, Yaga sees sense in the little human's words. He follows along silently, melting into the shadows and ready to drop his ill-gotten goods at a moment's notice.

Seeing the Dabous appear, Rakaneth is thrown into series of movements that all occur without thought. The genasi's sword vanishes from sight, almost into nothingness, as he steps out of the alley and back into the shadows he had come from. Even to the most trained of eyes, it appears that the swordsmen is seemingly just gone, as he begins moving away from the crime scene and back towards his home.

After the man runs off Chrys follows him at a jog, to where the man tore the shardmind's iron javelin from his torso. Picking the weapon up and wiping the blood off on the rags of one of the fallen men. It is then he notices the works all over his body, even under his inset armor. He stares at the words obliviously, then he hears the dabous approach. And like the men around him he things discretion is the better part of valor and follows them into the shadows of the alleyways.

Seeing the Dabus appear down the alleyways, Ogdurnan only picks up his pace. He continues heading down the street and toward them at a brisk walk. As he nears the Dabus, he gives them a broad, innocuous smile and a small wave, then casually attempts to slip between the pair.


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