Chapter 2, Operations Director: "We don't deal in Salvation down here."

"Yes, quite unfortunate it came to that - but I had to make a decision according to the scenario and the intelligence available when none of you answered your phones." He adds watching the elevator doors open. "I thought it would be fairly obvious that we were taking you to a secure location? Regardless, i'll take over for the agents here as soon as you go through the security checkpoint in a few minutes, that way I don't have to re-explain the situation to everyone else." He adds as he begins to walk down the hallway at a reasonable speed. "So, despite things ending early how was the field trip?" He asks in a casual manner trying to get the conversation off of the issue at hand.

=Amanda Loup-Archambault=

"We had to hand over our phones when we checked into the UN building. And yes, I realized we're being taken to a secure location already... I'm asking for a sitrep, sir." If he hadn't seen her in person before, he could swear by the tone of her voice that she wasn't a fourteen year old girl; she sounded like any well trained soldier. "If our safety is a concern, wouldn't it be safer for us to get in our Evas?" She assumed this didn't have anything to do with an Angel; they would have been told about that immediately - and they would be heading for the cage, not an unnamed 'secure location.'

Johann sighs for a moment as Amanda asks for a situation report while he rides the moving sidewalk. "And im saying you can just wait to be debriefed with the rest of the team." He pauses contemplating the idea of the Eva's functioning as panic rooms for a moment. "No, no it's not that kind of situation... Besides, in the kind of situation we're in we wouldn't want to make it easy for someone to simply follow you back to such equipment - then again, if that were the case you'd easily be the primary target, capture, destruction or exposure a good secondary in my opinion... Regardless, i'll fill you in to the best of my ability when you arrive." He left it open enough to suggest that he might be waiting for someone to pass him along information but easily left the impression that he knew enough to talk and simply wasnt comfortable doing so in the current situation/surroundings.

=Amanda Loup-Archambault=

Poor old man, I'm about to make your day even worse, she thought with a bit of a sadistic grin on her face. "Exposure isn't going to be an issue for long, the other pilots and I all encountered other kids at the museum that apparently knew exactly who we were. I think Jack would be the best to talk to about that, sir."

"Hmm?" He adds with almost no real suprise. "Ah, well forgive me if im not more suprised - it was bound to happen sooner or later at the local level and I was more or less preparing for the possibility of the locals becoming more suspicious, especially with the most recent obvious abduction today. After all, it's not a surprise that everyone assumes that we have something to do with the most recent battle - especially since we didnt have enough time to evacuate everyone to shelters and prepare a real cover-up." He adds with a pause. "But I suppose the real question would be, to what degree did they 'know who you were'?" Johann inquires with a hint of curiosity suprised that anyone could easily make the jump that - yeah sure these students are wards of Nerve and junior operatives, but the pilot's of giant humanoid bio weapons? That would mean people are either wildly jumping to conclusions, or someone on the inside is talking and needs to be reprimanded at least if not dealt with more harshly.

<Johann Fitz>

At this moment Johann notices the signal breaking a little bit. Amanda's last few sentences came through a bit quietly. Before he can comment on the occurence, a Section Two agent... looks like the same one who had been present in the budget meeting... appears from a side walkway and matches pace with Johann. He recognizes your phone call with a nod and says nothing, but directs you towards some kind of empty waiting room.

Inside is a television set, currently switched off. There are a number of chairs gathered around a central desk, a small kitchenette station with a coffee maker and microwave, and a couch. Maybe it's been used by Section 2 as an duty agent watch room before, but it looks clean and unused at the moment. Perhaps they have multiple similar stations scattered throughout the base.

"The cargo elevator the Pilot's caravan is on will arrive at the unloading station down this hallway." He half-mutters to you, then departs to wait in the direction he indicated by the train station.


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