Angelic Agressors (A log of past foes)

Zuriel - Angel of Harmony
"The Rock of God"

Zuriel appears to be a gigantic floating array of fractured panes of glass-like material, jumbled haphazardly in every imaginable direction and angle around it's gently glowing orange-red core. The core is the center point of the Angel's form; the entire rest of the transparent structure radiates outward like a massive shattered window that is frozen in time. MAGI has determined that this appearance is partly illusory, and that the strength of it's AT Field is so great that the Angel casually bends most normal spectrums of visual detection around itself (extending from ultraviolet light through the normal visual spectrum and extending past infrared and radio detection). In-field detection of it's AT Field through Pilot action may be the most reliable source of targetting data.

It's body will periodically rearrange itself into another confusing configuration in the blink of an eye, often right before the Angel teleports itself again. In combat Zuriel can abruptly alter the position and angle of individual panels of it's body to cruelly bisect attackers who venture too close, this is it's primary form of attack. Fittingly for it's designation, Zuriel is a difficult-to-read opponent which has an unhurried approach to combat. It is content to merely analyze threats for a time before prioritizing it's enemies based on their AT Field activity, then using teleportation to hunt down it's target and methodically eliminating that Evangelion.

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